CSR India

Internet and online spaces have proven to be quite resourceful for everyone around the world, especially during the ongoing pandemic when more and more children and parents are coming online to lead their routine daily lives. The Internet has become a major sourrce of gathering and spreading information.

School and college-going students are actively using online platforms to access educational resources and enhance their knowledge. The daily online engagement has also increased drastically since the pandemic hit early in the year 2020. Poor and marginalized sections of society are still far away from accessing digital devices and participate in the online exchange of information, including accessing educational resources, information, social media, etc.

Digital technology is a part of our lives, and it is our responsibility to make digital space safer and secure for us and future generations.

Keep in mind that online engagement has increased, we at CSR have updated the Online Safety and Security Toolkit to educate and empower the internet users about the threats lurking online for children and adults alike, and the availability of various tools that can be used to not fall prey to online abusers, trolls or scammers and safeguard from cyberbullying and online harassment.

We at Centre for Social Research, CSR has been working on Online Safety & Security through various projects since almost a decade.