Women’s Online Safety and Inclusivity

Social media in today’s times is not only a place to exchange messages but a place of information dissemination, access and global participation. It is an instrument, if used effectively, has the power to harness the potential of the youth and direct them towards civic participation.

However women’s’ and girls’ representation on social media lags significantly behind that of men and boys in India. And COVID19 has deepened this digital divide further. Online harassment and bullying, parental concerns about whom girls are engaging with, and negative online experiences can limit women’s willingness and ability to express themselves well. Many leave the platforms entirely, rather than suffer abuse. In this way, social media has become a place where women’s voices are not adequately represented and women are not fully empowered to participate.

This is a cause of great concern and it is essential to build women’s capacity to engage safely and effectively in online activities and to foster effective stakeholder and government response to create an enabling environment for women’s online participation.

At the Centre for Social Research we believe in achieving safe and secure online spaces via education, awareness generation and capacity building. We provide free of cost Online Safety and Inclusivity workshops for women, and enable more positive and inclusive engagement with the digital world.

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