Ongoing Initiatives.

At Centre for Social Research we believe that all our efforts are aimed at – “Building a Humane, Equitable & Gender-Just Society” ! Here’s a few of our current initiatives, click read about each in detail.

Success Stories.

It gives us immense pleasure to share with you our success stories. They are extremely inspiring. These stories are brilliant examples of #WomanPower!

Opinion Blog.

Words are stronger than guns and bullets. They are stronger as they make it possible to spread ideas and concepts that we can destroy and build the whole world. We are proud of our blog resources. You are welcome to send in your entries as well.

The Menial Realities of COVID-19 – Life a woman behind the scenes

It is my 18th day of practicing strict social distancing; as a camera shy person, I am awkwardly trying to get accustomed to video calls; wake up…

Spearheading New Skill Training Program

Centre for Social Research is all set to begin its new program titled “Office Assistant Co-Ed Training”. The attempt is to harness a potential benefit…

Bluer Skies: The Silver Lining in Times of a Pandemic

COVID-19, a virus that seems to have spread like wildfire across the globe, has scared the best of us. Throughout the world, governments of various…

CSR News.

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Newsletter September 2020

Our role in building a safe online space

Following the ‘Bois locker room’ conversation that went viral on social media, Aditi, a 16-year-old girl, decided to write on Instagram…

What is Cyberbullying?

If a person is trying to bully or harass someone else online – for example on a social networking site – it is known as online…

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