women survivors of domestic violence

Crisis Intervention is important and the key element in
exchange of dialogue, where one gains an insight of
another’s world and its intent, and in the process,
constructing bridges of hope and value.

CSR aims at working alongside the distressed with:

- Respect
- Open-Mindedness
- Wisdom
- Courage
- Compassion

CSR’s four Crisis Intervention Centres (CICs) in Delhi enables individuals and families experiencing or witnessing violence in their home or elsewhere.
We provide free, confidential support services such as mediation, emergency assistance and more.


If you or someone you care about it suffering
from abuse or violence, our trained counselors
can provide free and confidential counsel.


- One-on-one, private discussions with a Counselor,
- A planned intervention with the person(s) accused of violence,
- Mediated meetings with your family members or partner, and/or
- Local community meetings and women’s support groups.

We can also help you or your loved one secure shelter and necessary provisions, access health care, file police reports, get legal assistance, or locate options for skill training or finding a job. Together, you and your Counselor will create a personalized support plan that best meets your needs.

To get in touch, telephone us
Contact Details: +91 (0)11 26899998, +91 (0)11 26125583

Your visits, telephone calls and e-mails to us are always confidential.
We will never share or publicize any details about your identity or situation unless you expressly permit us to do so.