While engaging with all our followers online, and with our staff members through video-calls, we all discussed ways which can have a positive impact on our mental health. With the way fear of the virus has swept us like a large wave, people have taken to various forms of recreational activities to alleviate stress and maintain a routine of wellness. With the intention of encouraging our followers to share some of their work with us so it can be an inspiration for all of us, we created Art for Good as a section that will showcase blogs, videos, artwork, graphics. Through Art for Good, we want to spread positivity and encourage creativity in all forms. The principal motives of our projects, as well as our values and beliefs, will be highlighted through this initiative through different images, videos, gifs and other multimedia sources.

Art for Good is an archive for socially relevant resources that you can download and share with your peers. This will be ever-evolving and our viewers can also get in touch with us, if they wish to contribute. More cool art to come!