Webinar Series

Webinar Series.

Gender & Water: The Intersection

Dr. Vijaya K. Lakshmi points out “Pipe networks enable to lessen the burden of women. But one needs to understand that pipe networks can be contaminated, leading to consumption of contaminated water.

With technology, availability & accessibility of water should also be taken care of!

Dr. Yogesh Jadeja gives an insight from his own experiences, and points at the sad reality of women participation in policy making, which remains a huge challenge! Women are still kept at bay from science & technology as well as policy and decision making.

Dr. Fawzia Tarannum explains to us how water runs into varied intersections, and how it’s important to fill the gaps between rhetoric and reality of gender equality and participation.

Domestic Violence: A Lockdown Within A Lockdown

“Ms. Lora Prabhu talks about addressing the elephant in the room and questioning gender roles, aspirations, structures that discrimate on the basis of your biological sex.”

“Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor on how important it is to sensitise men and ensure their participation to stop violence against women as well.”

“Ms. Naghma Sahar talks on the challenge of changing the patriarchal mindset and the deep rooted gender bias that we become conscious of everyday.”

“Ms. Kamlesh Premi reiterating that providing gender sensitisation to all stakeholder parties that connect with women including police, medical staff, court officials is the way to ensure change.”