The Women Engage Online Alliance has been established with the aim of addressing and countering the prevalence of hate speech, threats, lies, and harassment that individuals encounter in the Digital Space. The idea is to make online space positive, One Conversation at a Time! Through the power of positive and supportive messages, this alliance seeks to eliminate the negativity and create a safer online environment for everyone. Recognizing the significant psychological trauma inflicted upon victims of online hate and harassment, the alliance offers unwavering support to ensure that victims do not feel compelled to abandon the platform.

With this CSR aims to create a space for women to engage in meaningful discussions, share their experiences and knowledge, and participate in collective actions towards promoting safer, equal & inclusive digital spaces. This will be achieved through building a strong and active community of women members who actively contribute to the platform, foster respectful and constructive dialogue, and work towards addressing the grave issue of online violence against women.

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