Women Engage Online Alliance is a digital safety initiative by CSR, established with the aim of countering hate speech, threats, lies, and harassment in the Digital Space. The community works to make online spaces safer, tolerant and positive. 

We break the negative One Conversation at a Time! If you are someone who is tired of being a passive bystander and want to ‘do something’ about online abuse, join our community of strong, reliable and proactive individuals.

Our strategy is clear-cut and potent:

We detect instances of harassment and bullying, and counter them with a flood of positivity and support under the same post. This isn’t just about combating negativity; it’s about actively sculpting a cyber landscape rooted in kindness and empathy.

Your seemingly small actions wield immense power.

Together, let’s forge a digital realm characterized by respect, inclusivity, and enriching dialogues!

Online abuse not just compromises the right to expression but also jeopardizes representation and participation of certain people and groups. These incidents disproportionately affect women and minorities, threatening their safety and wellbeing in the physical world as well.

To recognize that the consequences of digital abuse are very real and tangible is the first step. Nuances of psychological trauma are farther down the list when we begin realizing that character assassination not only threatens an individual’s employability, social standing and economic resources, eliminating them from community life.

With WEON, we push for acknowledgement of cybercrime as serious crimes.

WEON stands with the survivors of online hate, abuse and harassment.

Let us drive this community and become the change we want to see. Join us to report an issue, seek support and actively participate in combating cyberhate.

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