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Jan 31, 2022 TIMES OF INDIA – Girl’s education among the post-pandemic scenario [Read full article]
Dec 20, 2021 DW – क्या सरकार को तय करनी चाहिए शादी की सही उम्र [Read full article]
Dec 17, 2021 The Independent – ‘This law will give women agency’: India’s cabinet approves move to raise minimum age of marriage for women [Read full article]
Oct 07, 2021 Feminism in India – There’s A Need To Focus On The Psychosocial Well-Being Of Children In COVID-19 Times [Read full article]
Sep 18, 2021 ETV Bharat – दिल्ली से तेज हुई महिला आरक्षण बिल की मांग, महिला समूह करेगा आंदोलन [Read full article]
Sep 17, 2021 Amar Ujala – Women Reservation Bill: 25 साल बाद भी मंजूरी का इंतजार, जन्मदिन पर महिला सांसदों की पीएम से अपील- विधेयक को लगाओ पार [Read full article]
Sep 14, 2021 The Statesman – Women’s group to demand equitable representation in the upcoming UP elections 2022 [Read full article]
Sep 11, 2021 Dainik Jagran – सीजेआई भी मानते महिलाओं का प्रतिनिधित्व है कम, महिला आरक्षण बिल पर मांग हुई तेज [Read full article]
Sep 2021 Dainik Bhaskar – महिला आरक्षण:दिल्ली कैबिनेट में 7 मंत्रियों में से एक भी महिला नहीं, महिला आरक्षण बिल पर मांग हुई तेज [Read full article]
July 29, 2021 DEVEX – Why is there a gender gap in India’s vaccination program? [Read full article]
July 09, 2021 Page One Asia – Children and their rights to a safer digital world [Read full article]
June 11, 2021 Her Circle – It’s Not Just The Degree That Matters: In Conversation With Dr Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre For Social Research [Read full article]
Sept 17, 2020 UNGENDER – Violence Against Women: The Shadow Pandemic That Needs Our Attention [Read full article]
July 24, 2019 Window to News – Not an organization but society has to ensure Safety of women: Dr. Ranjana Kumari [Read full article]
May 31, 2019 Firstpost – Press Release: Dr. Ranjana in Apolitical’s Most Influential People [Read full article]
Feb 16, 2019 Youth Ki Awaaz – Why Does The Parliament Feel So Threatened By The Women’s Reservation Bill? [Read full article]
Dec 10, 2017 E4M – IPRCCC 2018: Panel discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility and Nation Building [Read full article]
Aug 30, 2018 Firstpost – Rights body urges voters to disregard parties that ignore Women’s Reservation Bill, says India needs more women decision makers [Read full article]

National workshop in Jaipur

National workshop held in Jaipur under Climate Project in which the best practices on water conservation and climate change were discussed by experts from various parts of our country.
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Dec 14, 2017 The Hindu – Protest against delay in women’s Bill [Read full article]
March 08, 2017 NCRI Women Committee – Dr. Ranjana Kumari Director of the Centre for Social Research – India [Read full article]
Feb 28, 2017 IPE Global – Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Centre for Social Research [Read full article]

Manipur Police Training

Centre for Social Research conducted gender sensitization training for police officials of Manipur police training college. The training was a success owing to the support extended by Ms. Tutusena (Superintendent of Police, MPTC). Her Excellency the Honorable Governor Najma Heptullah inaugurated the training.

Pondicherry Training

Centre for Social Research conducted gender sensitization training for police officials of Puducherry Police Training School. The training was a success owing to the support extended by Mr. Konda Venkateshwara Rao (Superintendent of Police, PTS). Mr. Sunil Kumar Gautam (IPS) (DGP, Puducherry) inaugurated the training.

Police training

Centre for Social Research conducted gender sensitization training for police officials of Bengaluru City Police. The training was a success owing to the support extended by Mr. Praveen Sood (IPS) (the then Commissioner of Police) and Ms. Malini Krishnamoorthy (IPS) (the then Commissioner of Police – West Bengaluru). and Honorable Mr G. Parameshwara (Home Minister) inaugurated the training.
July 20, 2015 Centre for Social Research has created India’s first mobile phone app dedicated to improving access to welfare schemes. [Download PDF]
July 15, 2015 New Delhi, July 14, 2015- Women and girls in Delhi face multiple forms of violence and the city boasts the dubious distinction of being the “rape capital” of the nation. In order to initiate a dialogue around the issue of women’s safety and chalk out a sector specific plan towards a safe Delhi, Centre for Social Research is organizing a conference – Safe City is a Smart City [Download PDF]
May 19, 2015 Feminism and Gender Democracy – “India is still confronted with the old issues, as well as the new ones” [Read full article]
April 2, 2015 1st April 2015, New Delhi: Intended to analyse the situation of women in Delhi, Centre for Social Research filed an RTI to know the number of calls received on the following help lines to report crimes against women in India and specifically in Delhi. [Download PDF]
February 2, 2015 Centre for Social Research launched its campaign #FeministFeb to redefine Feminism in its true sense and to raise funds to support free counselling of domestic violence survivors. [Download PDF]
Jan 22, 2015 Centre for Social Research releases the Meri Shakti Meri Beti documentary as a tribute to the launch of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, the Indian Government Scheme against sex selective abortion. [Download PDF]
Jan 15, 2015 Centre for Social Research hosted the National Consultation in preparation of the Beijing +20 Global Review Conference. The National Consultation collected recommendations for promoting women empowerment which will be discussed in New York during the 59th Commission on the status of women in March. [Download PDF]
Jan 14, 2015 Centre for Social Research would like to invite you to the National Consultation between civil society organisations and the government officials. [Download PDF]
Jan 6, 2015 Centre for Social Research organized the 8th consultation in Amity University with the purpose of engaging the youth in reviewing the progress of women empowerment [Download PDF]
Nov 28, 2014 Youth Discuss Critical Areas of Concern, Suggest Recommendations for Action before the Beijing+20 Global Review, [Download PDF]
Aug 27, 2014 Need to change the patriarchal mindset of the society in Haryana to check declining sex ratio – Centre for Social Research, [Download PDF]
July 30, 2014 Centre for Social Research Launches India’s First Online Course against Sexual Harassment at Workplace, [Download PDF]
July 17, 2014 India becoming a hub for surrogacy, [Download PDF]
July 17, 2014 Gender Budgeting Necessary to Ensure Women’s All Round Development – Women’s groups, [Download PDF]
July 06, 2014 Deccan Chronicle – Sunday Interview: ‘Speaker must act against Tapas Pal’ [Read full article]
June 25, 2014 Centre for Social Research Demands setting up of One-Stop Women Protection Centres for Victims of Violence and Abuse under the Nirbhaya Fund, [Download PDF]
May 20, 2014 Engaging Grass Root Level NGOs in the fight against Pre-natal sex determination, [Download PDF]
April 30, 2014 Violence against women in politics rampant in South Asia, say UN Women and Centre for Social Research, [Download PDF]
April 09, 2014 Women’s Groups Question the call to vote given the small percentage of women candidates being fielded by parties, [Download PDF]
April 02, 2014 Women’s Organisations hold Water Conservation and Climate Change Training Programmes for Women Elected Representatives of Rural Rajasthan, [Download PDF]
Feb 21, 2014 Women’s Groups manhandled, pushed & arrested a day after the Government’s discussion on extending the Parliament session to Pass the Reservation Bill, [Download PDF]
Feb 06, 2014 The time is now! Women’s Groups Demand the Passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill 33% Now Coalition, [Download PDF]
July 17, 2013 Surrogacy Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial?, [Download PDF]
The Study -Surrogacy Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial? conducted by Centre for Social Research and supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in the years 2011-12
April 10, 2012 IIM-Bangalore, CSR initiative to empower women politicians, [Download PDF]
Launch a unique 10-week leadership certificate programme for aspiring leaders
March 02, 2012 India turning the world capital of surrogacy [Download PDF – Eng] , [Download PDF – Hindi]
CSR releasing a report Surrogacy Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial based on a study conducted in Gujarat


December 15, 2011
“Bring Her to Light”- To Celebrate the Achievements of Women [Download PDF]


CSR Annual Event to promote women empowerment through art, film, and music in a transformational way


November 21, 2011
Government, Civil Society and Academic leaders to address women’s rights at National Confrence in New Delhi [Download PDF]


CSR is proud to announce its CSR National Conference, to be held at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre New Delhi on November 21, 2011.


July 26, 2011
Big push needed for the ‘neglected’ Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha [Download PDF]


Women’s groups fear the issue of corruption will overshadow all other developmental agendas during the monsoon session of Parliament


June 20, 2011
Human Right Defenders to join hands and speak out against injustice in New Delhi [Download PDF]


CSR organises Human Rights Defenders training workshop to empower human rights defenders and build stronger networks targeting human rights violations.


June 10, 2011
Men and Boys to Show Support for Eliminating Violence Against Women in New Delhi [Download PDF]


CSR is proud to announce India’s first Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® event, to be held at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj on June 19.


June 8, 2011
Women Managers Still Viewed Through Old Perceptions in Modern India [Download PDF]


CSR study reveals mindsets haven’t changed towards women in the corporate world, who are still struggling to break through the glass ceiling.


May 31, 2011
Women’s Groups Welcome the Chief Minister’s Decision To Reserve 50% MCD Seats for Women [Download PDF]


CSR welcomes the Chief Minister’s decision to increase the reservation of MCD seats for women from 33% to 50%.


April 21, 2011
Women’s Groups Condemn Killing of 2 Widows in Haryana and Acknowledge Supreme Court’s Judgement Direction to Ban Illegal ‘Kangaroo Courts’ [Download PDF]


Women’s groups demand an explanation from the Haryana’s Chief Minister for not stamping out Khap Panchayat, illegal systems of justice


April 1, 2011
Declining Sex Ratio – A Wake Up Call for India!!! [Download PDF]


Women’s groups describe the release of the 2011 Census of India as a “wake-up call for India” after seeing child sex ratio figures plummet.


February 28, 2011
Union Budget 2011 Not Gender Friendly Say Women’s Groups [Download PDF]


Although many have applauded the Finance Minister’s budget speech, women’s groups are critical of the budget’s silence on gender issues.


Jan 24, 2011
National Girl Child Day – “Allow Her To Be Born” [Download PDF]


CSR commemorates ‘National Girl Child Day’ by raising awareness of the grave issue of pre-natal sex selection.


Jan 18, 2011
Women’s Organisations Condemn Khap Panchayats For Not Allowing Girls to Wear Outfits Like Jeans [Download PDF]


Women’s organisations are decrying the decision of Khap leaders in UP to discourage women and girls from wearing jeans as it encourages sexual harassment.



December 8, 2010 Creating Gender Equity Workplace [Download PDF]
Centre for Social Research organises gender sensitisation programme with the employees of National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics to help foster a gender friendly work environment.
October 22, 2010 Victorious Women Athletes of Commonwealth Games Reflect True Empowerment of Women [Download PDF]
CSR applauds the women athletes competing in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and re-iterates the need to invest more in women, who are proving themselves capable of success on international platforms.
October 19, 2010 Have the Fortitude to Say ‘NO’ to Violence [Download PDF]
CSR organised interactive awareness and sensitisation programmes on Domestic Violence in colleges across Delhi
September 24, 2010 Educating Young Girls and Adolescents on Health and Hygiene [Download PDF]
CSR took the young and adolescent children of Jagdamba camp, a large slum in Sheikh Sarai, Delhi, to participate in a Pagdandi Health and Hygiene workshop organised with partner organisation Swechha.
September 21, 2010 Illegal International Migration of Women Increasing, Putting Women at Higher Risk of Trafficking and Exploitation [Download PDF]
CSR study reveals that poverty, unemployment and lack of property rights are pushing an increasingly large number of women to migrate to different countries illegally, perpetuating trafficking and exploitation.
August 6, 2010 Massive Rally To Demand Immediate Passage of Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha [Download PDF]
Around 5,000 women from all over India participated in a massive rally at Jantar Mantar in order to demand immediate passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha.
July 29, 2010 Women Leaders Condemn Dis “Honour Killings” [Download PDF]
India’s top social scientists, who gathered at a Discussion Meeting in Delhi, expressed the need to fight for a better legal mechanism and stricter punishments for those responsible for “honour” killings.
July 13, 2010 An Online Campaign to Ban Honour Killings [Download PDF]
CSR launches an online campaign urging the President of India to ban Khap Panchayat verdicts that justify cruelty and murder in the name of ‘honour’.
May 19, 2010 Women Turn Up in Large Numbers To Pressurise Parliamentarians To Pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha [Download PDF]
An alliance of women’s organisations held a demand meeting to put pressure on the Indian Parliament to pass the much delayed Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha.
May 4, 2010 Women’s Organisations Plan a Massive Rally To Push For the Women’s Reservation Bill in Lok Sabha [Download PDF]
Women’s groups to organise a rally after an All Party Meeting failed to boost confidence on progression of the Women’s Reservation Bill.
April 6, 2010 Women Leaders and Civil Society Gather to Discuss the Loopholes in the Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act [Download PDF]
Women leaders and civil society organisations gather at a National Consultation in Delhi to deliberate the status of the PWDVA.
March 31, 2010 Need For Better Coordination Amongst Various Enforcement Agencies To Ensure Safety of Women [Download PDF]
Women’s organisations come together to discuss corrective strategies for reducing crime against women in Delhi.
February 11, 2010 President of India takes notice of Women’s Groups Online Petitions [Download PDF]
Efforts to mobilise support for the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill receive a major boost when acknowledged by the President of India.
February 8, 2010 “More Needs to be Done than Just Celebrating the National Girl Child Day” [Download PDF]
CSR calls for better implementation of the law and a vigilant monitoring committee to curb sex selective abortions in the country.
Jan 22, 2010 CSR Appoints Community Watch Groups to Check Sex Selective Abortions in Haryana [Download PDF]
CSR launches second phase of Meri Shakti, Meri Beti (My Strength, My Daughter) in Haryana to combat pre-natal sex selection.
Jan 8, 2010 Hundreds of Women Come Together to Celebrate Victory Over Violence [Download PDF]
Centre for Social Research Celebrates 27 years of Empowering Women at Dilli Haat, New Delhi