Office Assistant Training

Office Assistant Training

Need for Women’s Skill Training and Economic Empowerment
Economic empowerment of women is a key factor in supporting gender equality and more effective long-term social development. This perspective is aligned with and supportive of UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, (SDG 5) which supports women’s equality and empowerment and identifies economic opportunity as a key element of achieving this goal. It is also aligned with the Government of India’s objectives and the pressing need to develop skilled labor and new economic opportunities more broadly.

CSR is committed to building women’ economic capacity and has launched a skill training program to fill the gap in available resources for young women. With our strong working relationships in Haryana, CSR is well positioned to mobilize students and support young women in taking on new opportunities. We have already successfully filled our first batch of students for our security guard training program – demonstrating our capacity to inspire young women to take on non-traditional roles. With the addition of office administration, we will be able to reach an even broader pool of beneficiaries and lay a foundation for further expansion of the program.

Human Rights Impact
Breaking the cycle of gender discrimination and shifting social attitudes requires investment in women’s economic and financial skills, employability, and greater capacity for independence. The GOI recognizes the importance of this approach in advancing women’s development and is promoting its advancement through its Women’s Empowerment through Skill agenda. Without further training or connections with employment opportunities, these young women fall into traditional roles and have limited potential for job and career development, and the cycle of discrimination and abuse against women continues.

Office Assistant Training Program

The Centre for Social Research’s new batch of Office Assistant Training Program starts from 23th October, 2019. If you are interested in the training program, please fill the following details and submit a response.

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