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If you’re interested, in having your blog/article/essay/poem published, you have reached just the right place! We accept write-ups both in English and Hindi.

Send us an email at communications@csrindia.org with the following information:

  1. Your name 
  2. A short personal description about yourself
  3. Your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram profiles (optional)

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please address the mail subject as ‘Submission: Title’
    Example ‘Submission: Unravelling the Gender-Merit Conundrum’
    and email us at communications@csrindia.org
  2. Please send the submission in a Word document (doc or .docx with English (UK/US) spellings. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 Point and single-spaced.
  3. The word limit are as follows-
    Short piece – 250-500 words
    Articles/Essays – 800-1000 words
    Op-eds – 1000-1500 words
    Title of your article: Not more than 50 characters (with space).
  4. We also accept artwork, photo essays, video stories, poetry.
  5. Source of information are requested when mentioning quotes, stats and facts. Include relevant link (as much as possible) for any studies, surveys, news reports.
  6. We do not accept previously published content, and we have strict rules against plagiarism.
  7. Only the selected write-ups will receive an email from the CSR team confirming that their work will be published on Gender Matters.
  8. We do not entertain any advertisements and/or event announcements. We are a non-profit organisation and are currently not in a position to offer monetary compensation for your articles but will ensure you a huge audience and wide promotion.   
  9. By submitting your piece, you agree that your full name and the University/Organisation name can be displayed on the post.
  10. The copyright of all the posts jointly rests with the Centre for Social Research and the individual authors.

Your write up will be reviewed and then you’ll be notified when it is all set to be published. We will also be sharing it extensively on our social media platforms!

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