CSR India

The boom in usage of digital platforms for expression has given rise to a great cause of concern. Which is that the representation of women and girls on these platforms lags significantly behind men and boys, in India. Among the youth social media users, the majority of 78% are men while only 22% are female (UNDP). This is in contrast with the population proportion of youth, which is almost 50% female according to the census of India.

Issues like – online harassment and bullying, parental concerns about who girls are engaging with, and negative online experiences can limit women’s willingness and ability to express themselves well.  Many leave the platforms entirely, rather than suffer abuse and/or harassment. In this way, social media has become a place where women’s voices are not adequately represented and women are not fully empowered to participate.  It is essential to build youth capacity to engage safely and effectively.

For this purpose we at CSR in collaboration with Twitter India have organized a  Digital Citizenship & Civic Participation for Gender Equality Workshop, and would like to extend an invitation to the students of your college. Through these trainings, we seek to empower young women in their engagement in civic dialogue on social media and also influence policy development on issues of digital gender equality.

Embrace your roles as teachers, mentors, parents and stakeholders in the lives of young women and ensure maximum participation for this event. To join us in this endeavour to make the online spaces safe, secure, and inclusive for effective engagement, fill the form below and we’ll get in touch with you with further details.