Office Assistant Online


Centre for Social Research’s Skill Department is getting creative and has moved their traditional classroom training to online training sessions to keep the trainees safe and healthy at home.  Given the spread of the Covid-19 , education ,all across has been disrupted and in this uncertain times, learning should not stop. Our trainer’s and employees are at the heart of what CSR does and are fully committed to help each individual attain better learning experiences through our online Co-Ed Office Assistant Training Program under a Skill India Initiative.

The team is providing the trainees access to expert faculty, online learning resources, E-modules and best practices. We update our resources regularly.  We understand the virtual learning is new therefore we provide assistance to our trainees throughout out our weekly training sessions. We encourage everyone to utilise this time productively by learning new skills.

Skilling Is Important.

Co-Ed Office Assistant Training

Centre for Social Research is all set to begin its new program titled “Office Assistant Co-Ed Training”. The attempt is to harness a potential benefit of the demographic dividend of India. Over the past few years CSR has been working in the arena of Women Skill Development to achieve gender equality in economic participation but we are happy to announce that, in May 2020, training will begin for both men and women in Delhi NCR. The mission is to provide them with the skills in communication, office administration, and personality development, also link them to the employment opportunities.

Skilling youth is important, here is why!

The demographic dividend of India lacks the necessary skills and there is a humongous gap between the skills existing in any person and the skills stipulated by the industry. Hence it becomes important to introduce employ ability skills to people as today, transition can be noticed from “qualification based” to “skill based” jobs in the country. In the current scenario, adapting and learning new skills is inevitable to succeed in future endeavours and shall prove critical in years to come. From Edison to Newton and Wright brothers to Raman , it is evident that skill led to several innovations and inventions , every nation in the world thrives to build a skilled workforce to boost their economy and move towards a sustainable future.

CSR’s training program is unique – find out how!

In 2018 CSR has set up its training centre in Gurugram with all the prerequisites to fill in the gap of quality training centres in India that are accessible. Most importantly, it follows a good set of practices and guidelines to promote participation of underprivileged section in Non-traditional occupational sector. Our course is unique in terms of its structure and deliverables, efforts are to impart more in less time. Generally, a lot of skill training program do not focus on building “soft skills” of a person which is an essential component for any job or personality development, CSR has been consistent in its attempt to make the training program exhaustive and inclusive. We believe in providing quality education.

Skill- futuristic approach:

CSR has plans to introduce variance of  skill based training program in future based on the market demands and conducted surveys for the underprivileged section of the society and to address the pressing need of the skill development program to increase the employability of young men and women. CSR endeavours to lead Sustainable development Goals 2030 agenda.

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