Women Security Guard Training

With over 40 years of experience in individual advancement and female empowerment, Centre for Social Research, in collaboration with Honda Two Wheelers, launched its Women’s Security Guard Training Program in the Mini Secretariat, Gurugram, on 29th October 2018.

With four successful batches that have been trained and recruited into the Security sector, CSR’s aim was to help women achieve financial emancipation and be able to break stereotypes that dictate that Security is an exclusive sector for men.

Within the course of the 45-days training programme, professional ex-servicemen were invited to train women physically, mentally and taught how to handle equipments that are deemed important in cases of security emergencies. After the completion of the training, these women received a certificate from Sector Skill Counsel (SSC) and Private Security Regulation Act (PSARA).

certificate distribution


Batch-1 students at their Certification distribution Ceremony.

We also wanted to shed light on how women are ignored when it comes to non-traditional development narratives.

As a result of this, the informal job sector refuses to accept women as participants and contenders. This refusal made us want to counterattack the lack of women security guards and create a space where we could promote not only individual job experience, but also fight against patriarchy by giving birth to a new feminist perspective that challenges the normative understanding of this sector being dominated by macho, hyper-masculine men.

As an organization that prides itself on providing equal opportunities in all sectors, we launched this program hoping to help women who have been marginalized and not been given a chance to secure a job for themselves due to lack of education, early marriage or lack of understanding within their homes.

Since we launched this programme, this skills development program successfully trained 84 female security guards, it has also helped them become confident and shape the psyche of women who had previously faced domestic violence, gender-based violence, discrimination, and had not even stepped out of their homes alone.

Centre for Social Research’s new batch for female security guard training starts from 13th October, 2019. Please fill this form if your interested to join the new batch of trainees.