WOMANIFESTO is a document that consists of women’s demands to be included in the government‘s policy formulation. In the month of January 2019; the content was released, and the final shape was given to it in an 11 points format

Geographical Domain: Work area of this division ranges across geographical area of India i.e. all 29 States and 7 Union Territories of India.

Target Population:  Citizens of India from all 29 States and 7 Union Territories. This division communicates and advocates with citizens of all genders in India, with an aim to seek support in favor of the goal of the division.

Activities:   The department is undertaking advocacy and campaigns at four levels for achieving all of its goals .Presently the campaign is most focused on passage of “Women’s Reservation Bill”

WRB Project is undertaking campaign and advocacy at four levels i.e. National level, State level, PRI/ULB level and at grass root level, with a purpose to:-

  • Generate political pressure across India so that political parties and governments take decision for passage of the Bill rather than letting the Bill to be in cold storage
  • To help generate politically conducive environment for passage of the Bill
  • Seek support from Political parties for passage of the Bill ,
  • Awareness generation of people and common citizens at grass root level and at Panchayati Raj Institution level
  • Generating all India level demand from all section of society for passage of the bill by Parliament
  • Campaigning with election commission for electoral reforms
  • Communication with stakeholders through Documentation (Preparing Women’s Charter and Women’s Manifesto)
  • Awareness generation through print, electronic and social media channels