Online Safety and Security

Online Safety and Security.

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“For better and for worse, digital technology is now an irreversible fact of our lives. In a digital world, our dual challenge is how to mitigate the harm while maximizing the benefits of the internet for every child.”
– Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

India is not only home to about 600 million young people, i.e., under 25 years of age, but also has around 451 million monthly active internet users, out of which 385 million belong to the age group of 12 years and above, while 66 million are aged between 5 and 11 years.* The data highlights that a significant number of India’s demographic on the internet are actually young adults, school children and school children.

India, even with low internet access, is still the world’s second largest user and also has unlimited distribution and access, of exploitation material, which further exposes and intensifies the threats and risks.

The good news is that children and adults can safely use technology and can avoid risks and respond effectively to unsafe situations, if armed with information and skills. Individuals who recognize the risks will be better prepared to intervene and lessen the potential negative impacts.

Centre for Social Research’s – Online Safety Toolkit, empowers users with tools to combat threats that are imminent and provides information about long-term solutions. The tool-kit has been designed specifically for the variety of threats that users face according to their personalized use of the internet. Our aim is to ensure that online citizens incorporate responsible and safe use of the internet and also are aware of personal steps they can take to ensure their safety, as well as provide help to their online peers.

* Digital Trends, 2019

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