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The pandemic of COVID-19 has thrust our children in the online spaces in an accelerated manner and has opened up a vast possibility of all kinds of dangerous situations, like cyber bullying, cyber stocking, scamming, doxing and many more.

What can you do?

As parents, teachers, mentors, responsible adults, it is our job to ensure children’s safety while in the online space as much as it is offline. It is up to us to help them navigate a whole new concept of being a Responsible Digital Citizen. We need to create an environment of mutual learning and understanding and refrain from falling down the rabbit hole of blame.


How can you help?

Organizations that have experience in this field need to step in and assist education institutions to help sensitize students. Make Online Safety part of the curriculum for high school children. This is the least we can do. CSR in association with Facebook is conducting ‘Online Safety Training Workshops’ . Do the responsible thing, spread the word. If your kids are in high school or you know families/institutions that should use our help, please get us in touch with them.

How will the students benefit?

Students will learn what it means to be a Digital Citizen, the power of Positive Online Engagement, how to identify and combat Dangerous Situations, Digital Wellness, importance of reaching out, how to spot Fake News and understand the damage it can do and many more skills and tools essential to keeping safe and secure, while online.

Students will receive a certificate after the training as well.

How can you register?

Contact us to book sessions for more than 100 participants at shrutidas@csrindia.org or jyoti@csrindia.org

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