1. Never Agree to Meet Strangers
    We have to understand that the internet provides anonymity, and that your online friends may not look and be who they profess to be. It is highly dangerous to befriend a stranger and agree to meet them unless you’re 100% sure about who they are.
  2. Do not Click on Pop-ups or Subscribe with Private Information
    Clicking on pop-ups or ads could result in malware or viruses being downloaded into the device and can also connect you to multiple viruses pornographic material. Subscribing with Private Information can also lead to a threat to the parent’s security.
  3. Keep Your Parents in the Loop
    Often times what we think is funny or appropriate can hurt someone else’s beliefs or sentiments. Especially while sharing photos or videos with your friends or your followers, it is always better to get another perspective and be sure that whatever you’re sharing cannot lead to bad consequences.
  4. Regularly Check Privacy Settings
    It is really important to use appropriate privacy settings and strong passwords. Though using easily-remembered dates as password can be a relief, it makes your information susceptible to easy hacking. We have to learn to never click on suspicious links, making our profile high-security and understanding that ignore/report/block can be quick responses to our problems.



  1. You Share Information About Someone Else
    Even information shared on the internet is private so sharing it without the consent of your friend can lead to major consequences. Not only is it a breach of your friendship, it is also a criminal offence to willingly share information online without the consent of the user.
  2. You Think Bullying is Okay
    Just because it is easy to make multiple profiles and have access to the whole world, does not mean that bullying online is okay. Before you say anything or share anything offensive, reflect on the content and understand if you’re going to be hurting someone intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Don’t Report Online Bullying
    The use of the internet lets you create a new “community” where even geography is transcended. Keeping this in mind, if you’re not a bully; it is possible that you’re witnessing bullying. In this case, reporting the bully to the social media platform is very important not just to make the internet safer, but also to promote responsible use of this online community.