It has been a pleasure conducting workshops for school students over the last one year. We are delighted to announce that we completed Phase I of the project, and have trained more than 30,000 students. We can see the positive impact of our words, on students, teachers, principals and parents alike, in real time. These workshops and their importance are well-known with many recognized educational organizations now; thanks to the efforts made by the team. Alongside English, we have also trained students in multiple regional languages like – हिंदी, ಕನ್ನಡ, বাংলা, and मराठी.
We have also made other national and international organizational collaborations through our network, because we believe each and every student – be it in villages or cosmopolitans can have equal rights to and can benefit from online safety training.
We have officially began Phase II of our project, and we aim to reach out to more number of students, organisations, and partner with various stakeholders to make the motto of ‘No Child Left Behind’ a reality. Our efforts are towards inculcating values of respect, consent, and positive online engagement a foundational value in the lives of children, further encouraging peer learning.

There are many more organizations with which collaborations are in the pipeline Social Media Our efforts on social media with regular and consistent good content have played a big hand in garnering support in terms of spreading the message and organizational collaborations. Thousands of pieces of original content have been created/posted over the span of the projects.

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