Founded in early 2010, our media and communication team works to communicate Centre for Social Research’s (CSR) organizational message of women’s empowerment consistently and effectively, thereby creating opportunities for both our constituents and supporters while developing and deepening CSR’s relationship with society at large. Not only do we carefully craft and streamline both our internal and external flow of communications, but we also relentlessly reach out to various sectors of civil and political society: whether in mass media and the press, via online social networking, or in our own publications and seminars.

For everyone at CSR, media and communication is about more than just gaining supporters: It’s about engaging them. Likewise, we do more than just speak out: We listen to and dialogue with the community voices we represent, enfolding their concerns into our organization’s objectives and projects. By leveraging the power of media and communication, we hope to spread awareness of issues related to gender inequality and discrimination, in turn empowering individuals and groups while building their capacities for action and inspiring positive change.

Since 2015 we have been collaborating with Facebook for #SocialSurfing and since the year 2017 we have been collaborating with Twitter for #TweeSurfing. With Facebook and Twitter as our partners, we seek to promote the use Social media for Social Change by building capacities of social media users in counter speech and online safety. This is done through workshops in institutions, web resource centres and interviews of opinion leaders. Since the year 2015, we have reached out to more than 450 colleges in 22 states, 4 Union Territories and 92 cities.

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