Digital Safety Initiatives

The digital world is a mirror of our society, and increasingly we are parallelly leading our daily lives digitally. Just like we encounter a mix of good and bad in the offline world, we find ourselves surrounded by similar situations when we get online, using our smartphones, laptops, desktops, and various other devices.

For over a decade, the Centre for Social Research has worked closely with women, children, and youth in the country on issues of digital safety and online well-being through the lens of gender.
Our digital safety initiative aims to raise awareness of safety issues, increase access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), fulfil basic human rights, and work towards achieving the SDGs such as Access to Education, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. We’ve also compiled an Online Safety and Security Toolkit to educate and empower internet users about the threats lurking online, as well as the availability of various tools that can be used to avoid falling victim to online abusers, trolls, or scammers and to protect themselves from cybercrime.
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