CSR has begun the fifth phase of its project “Meri Shakti Meri Beti” to fight against pre-natal sex selection. The project aims at curbing incidents of pre-natal sex selection in the Delhi. The TOR was signed by the German Ambassador to India, Michael Steiner and Director of CSR, Dr. Ranjana Kumari, on 12 February 2013 at the German Embassy. The overarching goal of ‘Meri Shakti Meri Beti’ is to curb declining sex ratio in Delhi by changing people’s mindset about the rights of girl children and their value in society and improving the implementation of the PC-PNDT Act.

In the fifth phase of MSMB, CSR aims to strengthen city-wide efforts to combat sex-selection that currently lie disconnected and operate on a limited scale. The aim is to collaborate with NGOs across Delhi to replicate the MSMB model, improve the quality and effectiveness of community-level activities addressing sex-selective abortion, and increase broader public awareness of the issue.

The programme will also focus intensely on improving implementation of the PC-PNDT Act and the prosecution of cases under the Act. Judicial training programmes that address weaknesses in establishing appropriate evidence will be undertaken. This work will leverage district-level relationships with government officials and local partners that CSR has already developed during the first phase of the programme.