“Covid 19 Impact and Area of Focus for recovery of Women”

Catch Dr. Ashwini Deshpande, Professor of Economics at Ashoka University, India. talk about women (participation) in the informal sector, and how the unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19 has had an impact on the lives of these women. Furthermore, she talks about economics, advocacy and policies regarding the areas of recovery for women.
CSR Podacast episode 1 - Meet the guest
CSR Podacast episode 1 - Meet the host

“NHRC recommendations to address declining women labour force participation.”

Catch Ms. Jyotika Kalra, member NHRC, discussing the new guidelines issued by the Commission to address the decline of women participation in the labour force and problems of work life balance faced by women. You can access the guidelines here: https://nhrc.nic.in/document/minutes-virtual-meeting-core-group-women-held-17112020

“How do you dream of a female friendly future?”

Prof Vibhuti patel is a distinguished academician, social thinker, researcher and speaker from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is known for her extensive research and expertise in the issues concerned with women. Catch her on this podcast as she talks about how to actualise the dream of a female friendly future.
How do you dream of a female friendly future?