Safe public spaces are a human right. And as the digital space is the new public space it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to come together and make safer online spaces a reality. The Centre for Social Research is a pioneer in educating individuals on all aspects of staying safe and secure online. We provide training to corporate employees to generate awareness and build their capacities by providing them with the correct tools to manage their online experiences. We have specialized training materials built in consultation with experts for different demographics like – corporates, educational institutions, government bodies, law enforcement, youth, children and women & girls respectively. Over the past decade, we have impacted several hundreds of thousands of individuals positively through our various initiatives. Last year alone we worked with corporates like Reserve Bank Of India, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, Law Centre – Delhi University and trained over 1000 individuals.

The training itself is comprehensive and includes concepts like Digital Citizenship, Civic Participation, Positive Online Communication,Threats Online, How to Combat them, Fake news and misinformation and a lot more. We have built print as well as digital resources to satisfy the specific requirements of corporate partners which are shared post workshops with the trainees.

Our sessions are tailored differently for each partner, depending on requirements. The workshops themselves are flexible and can be carried out in-person, online, or through a hybrid model.

For arranging the training in your organization, reach out to us via social media or email us at:

Among some of our partners are :