Ara Johannes

Ara Johannes is a Communications Manager at Mariwala Health Initiative. She holds a Masters Degree in Health and Non-Profit Communications from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Kansas. Ara has over a decade of work experience in communications for development organizations — across sectors including maternal & child health, women’s rights and strategic philanthropy, among others. She is passionate about using communications to illustrate stories of transformation, give voice to those on the margins and rally people to a common purpose.


What is Cyberbullying?

If a person is trying to bully or harass someone else online – for example on a social networking site – it is known as online or cyberbullying…

Dr. Kamna Chhibber

Dr. Kamna heads Mental Health for the Department of Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare. She is a trained therapist working with children, adolescents and adults, and works in the space of child-adolescent mental health, relationships, trauma and abuse. She designs and creates programs for implementation in schools, corporate organizations and NGO’s that are directed towards enhancing mental health and well-being.


Being and Promoting Media Literacy in Modern Times

We encourage the youth to be participative, take on significant roles in the areas of leadership and governance, be responsible citizens and contribute…

Dr. Hansika Kapoor

Dr. Hansika Kapoor is Research Author at the Department of Psychology, Monk Prayogshala. She holds a PhD from IIT, Bombay in the area of negative creativity aka how people get good ideas to do bad things. Her research interests lie in cognitive science, social psychology, and behavioural economics


Responsible Communication in COVID-19 Times – Dr. Hansika Kapoor

Just before you started reading this blog, you were probably on some social media platform (and yes, Whatsapp counts). In fact, you may have been guided…

Dr. Sanchika Gupta

Dr. Sanchika Gupta is a public health professional with seven years of working experience amalgamated with two years of clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and five years in core public health with an expertise in advocacy, program management, research, monitoring and evaluation. Her field work includes various issues, such as family planning, sexual and reproductive health and rights, adolescent health, maternal and child health.


Hello, are you responsible #NETIZEN?

Internet being an ocean supports many applications and services including social media, electronic mail, mobile applications, multiplayer online games…

Dr. Ayushi Khemka

Ayushi Khemka created a mental health initiative called Mental Health Talks India ( on social media in April 2018. She believes in channelising one’s vulnerabilities into an honest conversation that can potentially bring about a change into how we live and exist in the world. She is also a PhD scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University working on the intersections of gendered violence and social media.


Cyberbullying and Mental Health: The Twin Tower Problem

The world around us is unravelling amidst the Coronavirus outbreak and so are our systems and structures. From a change in the way we work or study to…

Your Dost

YourDOST is an online counseling and emotional support platform designed to foster mental wellness. It anonymously connects you with the right expert consisting of psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, life coaches, career guides and people with rich and deep life experience, who understand you and guide you through completely confidential individual sessions.


The Menace of Cyberbullying & Its Effects on the Mental Health of Adolescents

Tina came home, walked straight to her room and closed the door. She buried her head in her hands and soon after, the tears began to flow. She reclined in her…



Our role in building a safe online space

Following the ‘Bois locker room’ conversation that went viral on social media, Aditi, a 16-year-old girl, decided to write on Instagram about the bullying…