Dear sir I am political article writter please help to me I am allage twitter and 15 Facebook page writing please help to me I am allage USA gov subscribe please help to me my parsonal information first name MdRamijuddinMollah sure name UDDIN Facebook I'd name Ramiz Ramiz uddin village chandina road 205 debidwer Molly Bary postel code 3530 po debidwer oupojela debidwer dist Comilla Bangladesh date of birth 31/07/1962 NID card name MDRAMIZ UDDINMOLIA no 1924005116014 passport name MDRAMIZ UDDINMOLIA no A200297890 Bank A/C name MDRAMIZ UDDINMOLIA no 1011030020002 BRAC Bank Comilla brance Visa card no 1379 email address organizations name srijonenterprisesp mob 01637517200 American Centre mambership I'd no 114016 Tex I'd name MDRAMIZ UDDINMOLIA no 843913836090