Note From the Director's Desk
Dr. Ranjana Kumari

As I look back to the last three months and our fight for relevant and pertinent changes for women, what needs to be reiterated is that our mission to empower women connects us regionally, nationally and globally because there is not a place in the world where women have not experienced discrimination or violence, and so any action that we take with the right intentions has a positive ripple effect which will ultimately benefit all of us.

Making a difference with Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Initiatives

In recognition of our dedicated work with the communities since 2007 for not only empowering girls but also improving sex ratio through our “Meri Shakti Meri Beti programme,  we were chosen as the nodal agency by the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Government of India, when the programme was launched nationally in January 2015. 

As the nodal agency for the BetiBachaoBetiPadhao, Centre for Social Research (CSR) is working with 5 districts of Haryana in addressing the harmful practices of prenatal sex selection and abortion of female foetuses.

Sports teaches you about life, we use sports to empower our girls!

It is believed, Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life. And this is why our Sports programme in partnership with Australian Aid is a land-mark initiative in empowering our girls in the 5 Gender-Critical Districts of Haryana's Beti Bachao Beti Padhao programme.

We are looking for people or institutions who can partner/support us in this dream.
Women's Skill Development.
Office Assistant Training

“I was born in UP and was brought up in Delhi. I did my schooling in Delhi and whenever I would see big offices in Delhi, I wanted to work in these offices as well. 
As soon as I finished my schooling, I found out that Centre for Social Research is conducting Office Assistant Training, I spoke to my father and I was successfully enrolled in the program.

Political Empowerment - Women’s Reservation Bill

The WRB campaigns strive to achieve 33% reservation and increase female representation in political spaces. We recently held state level consultations in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

These state-level meetings welcomed all participants to discuss the necessity and impact of the Women's Reservation Bill. The main objective was to highlight that the right to vote does not equate with equal representation and though India has allowed women the right to vote since independence, but, even today the percentage of women representatives is still extremely low.

A Leader in Gender Sensitization Trainings since 1997

We have been actively working in this field since 1997 through our Gender Training Institute, in order to make our communities gender sensitive & gender inclusive. Law enforcement agencies, academic institutions, corporate organizations and government departments  have utilized us to raise awareness and understanding of Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act through a range of workshops and interventions.

Sexual Harassment & Gender Sensitization Training 

NIDEM – 27th August & 16th September
Centre for Social Research conducted one day training for Gender Equality & Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, along with Dr. Manasi Mishra, Ms. Priyanka Londhe, Ms. Poushali Kundu & Ms. Niharika Singh who represented CSR, at the National Institute of Defence Estate Management (NIDEM).


Climate change represents the most complex challenge of our time. We acknowledge the important role that women have to play as key decision makers and stakeholders in the context of climate change. Climate change manifests itself most severely through changes in water (floods and droughts, for example), and women are disproportionately affected by these changes. To this end CSR aims to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions to climate change, that place women at their core.

Social Media for Social Change 

In the last few years with the advancement of technology, CSR has also taken its activism online. With our regular posts - texts, images, videos, we intend to create maximum awareness amongst our followers on our feminist causes.

The Centre for Social Research (CSR) manages several Crisis Intervention Centres. Two of our most active centres in Delhi are in Vasant Kunj and Uttam Nagar.
Our Centres are approached by women, who are going through significant abuse and struggle in their married life and are seeking redress.
On receiving cases of domestic violence and marital discord, we not only counsel the victims but also assist them in their legal procedures for justice. Our Centres work with them closely helping them get back on their feet.
We have shared several heart rendering examples of how with a little help, survivors of domestic violence are getting back on their feet.
Please search Crisis Intervention Centres on our Gender Matters blog (http://gendermatters.in/)
International Visitors Hosted
By CSR This Quarter
German Delegation

A German Delegation from the German Parliament visited Centre for Social Research on 19th September, 2019. The Delegation initiated a discussion on women's rights and human rights and led an open discussion with our training program students and other local NGO members who were invited to attend the delegation. Three of our excellent trainees from the Office Assistant Program gave a presentation to elaborate on the work we have been doing in Skills Training for women empowerment.

“Conscientious use of social media for social change”

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