Vol 39 - Issue 3

Sexual Harassment & Gender Sensitization Training

NIDEM – 27th August & 16th September
Centre for Social Research conducted one day training for Gender Equality & Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, along with Dr. Manasi Mishra, Ms. Priyanka Londhe, Ms. Poushali Kundu & Ms. Niharika Singh who represented CSR, at the National Institute of Defence Estate Management (NIDEM).

The training dealt with the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act (2013) and the participants involved were Chief Executive Officers of Cantonment Boards and Defence Estate Officers from New Delhi, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jabalpur, Bengaluru, Pathankot, Ahmednagar, Khirkee, Mumbai, Bhatinda & MHOW.

There was new found awareness, especially amongst men regarding the overlapping use of the term sex and gender. The open forum discussion on gender equality sought to be productive in creating awareness of the law, and the sessions further left an immediate impact.

Pre-Training Session responses of the Participants
The most discussed topics were –

  • Identifying genuine case of sexual harassment and administering their appropriate punishment
  • Formation of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in an organizational setup where women employees are few and not in the position to be a part of the ICC.
  • The participants took cognizance of the task that lay ahead of them regarding creation of gender equal workforce, prevention of sexual harassment and discouraging misuse of the law at workplace.

RBI-Reserve Bank Of India

‘A fascinating idea was to put a Suggestion Box in the washroom because that where breaking of the ice usually takes place.’

“Gender & Workplace” was a Gender Sensitization & Sexual Harassment at Workplace Training Session organized by CSR along with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).The program catered specifically to women, and what Sexual Harassment at workplace means and looks like through the help of audio-visuals and PPTs. The training was carried out by Dr. Manasi Mishra and Ms. Priyanka Londhe.

The Gender Training Institute of CSR has been contributing to long term training programs parallel to stand-alone capacity building training, awareness generation programs, and continuous development of new training materials. One of the most fascinating.

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