Vol 39 - Issue 3

International Visitors Hosted By CSR This Quarter

German Delegation

A German Delegation from the German Parliament visited Centre for Social Research on 19th September, 2019. The Delegation initiated a discussion on women’s rights and human rights and led an open discussion with our training program students and other local NGO members who were invited to attend the delegation. Three of our excellent trainees from the Office Assistant Program gave a presentation to elaborate on the work we have been doing in Skills Training for women empowerment.

The US Embassy

CSR and the US Embassy hosted a roundtable discussion on best practices on gender in the workplace and addressing sexual harassment. Merri Hanson, Director of Peninsula Mediation & ADR was invited to talk on “Creating Respectful Workplaces for Women”. While Ms. Hanson elaborated on the root causes of sexual harassment and gender inequity in the Workplace, the team at CSR prepared a presentation on our participation in ICC committees and the legal rights of the harassed. The discussion was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge about the West and our Indian Context.

The Chinese Delegation

Centre for Social Research hosted the Chinese Ambassador’s Wife, Dr. Bao on 27th September, 2019. Dr. Bao was familiar with our work and reached out to us for contributing towards women’s empowerment and establishing a gender-just society. Team members from various programs gave small presentations and had an enriching discussion at the end about gender issues and strengthening the relationship between India and China.

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