Vol 39 - Issue 3

Social Media for Social Change

In the last few years with the advancement of technology, CSR has also taken its activism online. With our regular posts – texts, images, videos, we intend to create maximum awareness amongst our followers on our feminist causes.

The virtual world is a powerful platform where people who want to raise social issues can make their voices heard. Social Meida has successfully enabled unprecedented collaboration and information-sharing in real time.

Centre for Social Research along with, social media platforms like – Twitter & Facebook has collaborated to create #TweeSurfing and #SocialSurfing, so as to create awareness on –
Online Safety
Working Against Cyber Bullying etc.


We strive to ensure that the projects that we design and implement have a high social impact. We are currently working in conjunction with Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung (HSS) on an evaluation  of our “water conservation and climate change” project (2012-2018).

During the five-year course of this project we worked with 300 Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) and to-be EWRs  in Jaipur and in Abu Road. Training them to be leaders invested in enhancing water conservation measures and projects in their districts. We developed a training program that would increase their knowledge of the connections between water issues and gender inequality; increase their knowledge on water related schemes and activities; and increase their capacities to lead water conservation initiatives at the village level.


This program hass successfully worked to initiate dialogue on how users can have positive online experience by safely maximizing the use of social media platforms. To create a positive gender sensitive online environment, the use of counter speech is promoted through sensitive campaigns. Engaging with a wide range of audiences, #SocialSurfing engaged with thousands of college students through workshops on online safety to build their capacities and as a result bring forth gender sensitive online experiences. Currently, the program is striving to cater to even younger audience, as an educational program.

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