Vol 39 - Issue 3

Women’s Skill Development. Office Assistant Training

“I was born in UP and was brought up in Delhi. I did my schooling in Delhi and whenever I would see big offices in Delhi, I wanted to work in these offices as well.

As soon as I finished my schooling, I found out that Centre for Social Research is conducting Office Assistant Training, I spoke to my father and I was successfully enrolled in the program.

I learnt how to operate the computer, filing documents, communication skills, interpersonal skills etc. CSR also taught me how to prepare for an interview, how to sit for an interview and thankfully, I secured my job. My father is also grateful for this training because he can see the way I have developed and changed. He’s also proud of the fact that I can now be independent and stand on my own feet.” – Effat Khanam (Office Assistant Trainee)

The First Batch Of Office Assistant Training Program

The first batch of Office Assistant Training started on 1st August and had 32 students, with intensive 45 days training; we successfully completed our first on 15th of September 2019.

Trainees came from diverse backgrounds and with varying educational qualification. This brought certain dynamism to the training sessions, as they all were able to bring in a perspective that was unique and valuable in equal measures. The first batches of trainees were felicitated with the MEPSC govt. certificates in a certification ceremony.


Several on-campus drives were also conducted for the placement of our trainees upon the completion of the raining program. Our team reached out to several companies and agencies (Policy bazaar, Whirlpool, OYO, Oberoi hotel, Clinton hotel) for the job opportunities of the trainees. Currently 3 of our students have been placed.

Enrollment and commencement of Batch 2 Classes

We are currently moving forward with our second batch and we wish to place more students in the workforce and are working in this regard.

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