Social Media For Social Change

In the last few years, with the advancement in technology, CSR has also taken a lot of activism online, these past few years. With our regular posts – texts, images, videos, we intend to create maximum awareness amongst our followers on our feminist causes. The virtual world is a powerful platform, where, people who want to raise social issues, can make their voices heard. Social media has successfully enabled unprecedented collaboration and information-sharing in real time.

With new age and technology linking us with the rest of the world easily, we realized that it was time to take our activism online, not just for awareness but because social media too was heavily male dominated. We’ve worked extensively online to ensure that digital platforms become safe and more conscientious for women, as well as promote responsible and inclusive use of digital media so that everyone can share their thoughts freely and without the fear of bullying or prejudice.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve conducted various tweetchats and hosted participants from all over the world who have commented on our Indian context in relation to how policy changes have shaped their nations, we’ve conducted surveys and gathered data on issues such as voyeurism, online trolling, air pollution, skills development, women’s issues, we’ve encouraged women to reach out and share their stories through their handles despite the disparity between male and female users online, we’ve conducted workshops to highlight the importance of how social media is not just for “fun” and most importantly, we’ve spread awareness of gender issues in India to the corners of this world.

Our monthly #Tweetchats are testament to increasing awareness of our various programs, but also engaging our followers to share their thoughts freely on various issues. Through our Tweetchats, we’ve encouraged the responsible use of free-speech and taken these thoughts to mould our programs into more successful and feedback based models. Some of the most successful hashtags that our Tweetchats have trended range from #GirlPower, #BreathlessinDelhi, #Access2Empower, #SafeCities, #BetaSikhao, #equalrep, #endvaw, #noplanetB, #letstalkgender

With the evolution and growth of social media platforms, the expansion of knowledge and ideas also spread across the world, with the users connecting and sharing their struggles, thoughts and news from native countries and finding similar structures online. Due to the creation of this link, and users becoming more conscious of struggles, Centre for Social Research has utilized their various social media handles to spread awareness and encourage activism that leads to the establishment of a gender-just society, along with social media platforms like – Twitter & Facebook to create #TweeSurfing and #SocialSurfing, so as to primarily create awareness on

  • Online Safety
  • Counterspeech
  • Cyber Bullying and Hate Speech
  • Using Social Media to Restrict or Incite Violence
  • Creating Safe Online Spaces for Women
  • Responsible Use of Technology

Collaborating & engaging with a diverse group of around 100 influential personalities, including Jack Dorsey, was a program to create intense impact on issues pertaining to Online Safety & Responsible Communication. Our research found that the ones who use the online space more, are predominantly the youth. Hence, the present focus of the program is to bring awareness, educating them on the basics of safety & the tools available for reporting procedures along with basic morality of online communication.The year 2018 ended on a high note with TweeSurfing launch in Kolkata.

The program has successfully worked to initiate dialogue on how users can have positive online experience by maximizing the use of social media platforms. To create a positive gender sensitive online environment, the use of counter speech is promoted through sensitive campaigns. Engaging with a wide range of audiences, #SocialSurfing engaged with around thousands of college students through workshops on online safety to build their capacities and as a result bring forth gender sensitive online experiences.
Currently, the program is striving to cater to an even younger audience, as an educational program.

Achievements – Social Surfing

  • 475 workshops at colleges and universities
  • 23,000 students directly engaged
  • 400,000 social media followers (total) on Facebook and Instagram
  • 3,000 cases – WhatsApp helpline

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