Shruti Das

Shruti Das.

Shruti Das graduated with a B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science from Kalindi College, Delhi University. She went on to do her Masters in Politics with Specialization in International Relations, from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

During her masters, Shruti engaged with research areas such as – gender and media, critical theory, foreign policy and development. Her research interests include – sexuality, emotion, popular culture, education, electoral processes and policy making.

Shruti has previous experience working with Bluegape (now Murmur) as a Content Writer.
After her masters she also worked as a Research Intern for SDG India Study under UNDP, dealing with the collection of secondary data and developing data base from India for SDG indicators, and writing reports and articles.

Shruti started her internship at the Centre for Social Research in September 2019. She was primarily engaged with the Media & Communications and the Gender Training Institute Department.

After the culmination of her internship in December 2019, she joined the CSR team as an Assistant Project Coordinator continuing in the Media & Communications department.

Research Papers:

  • Propaganda through Visual Language
    how during the period of World War II (1940s) “Looney Tunes”, an American animated (comedy) series did justice to its role as a propaganda machine so as to influence the national will of the American people amidst wartime; under the Supervision of Dr. Madan Mohan (Assistant Professor, JNU).
  • 9/11: Tragedies and Memories
    The paper looks at how the 9/11 attacks literally woke up America to look at terrorism seriously and further pushed it to take up major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism, marking the presidency of George Bush and how the attacks became a paradigm shift, changing the direction of the entire country; under the Supervision of Dr. Saumyajit Ray (Assistant Professor, JNU).