I would like to begin by saying that we have successfully transitioned from working online to resuming a near normal, in-person execution of all our projects. From strongly supporting our girl children with our Sports for Girls program, training and uplifting women leaders under our Gender Water Climate Change program, enabling Up-Skilling of our Office Assistant trainees, supporting Survivors of Violence, to making Digital Spaces Safe for Women, Children and the Youth, we have successfully and joyfully executed our projects in-person with our trademark warm human touch. And we are so happy to report that this past quarter has seen all our work coming out from behind the screen to real physical work in the field, on-ground with real human re-connect. The lessons learnt in the past years will stay with us and we will also continue our activism online, but in a balanced hybrid manner.

Climbing out of the times of economic depravity our Skill Trainings have enabled the students to not only find upstanding employment but also gain the confidence and a hopeful view for life, by being able to earn their living and uplift their families.

Digital Safety initiatives have been a big part of our agenda this year and the team resumed our in-person workshops with school children. It is a joy to work on building capacities of children, something that we missed out on because of the pandemic.

National and International networks of collaborations were re-visited. Our event for the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) was a success and saw a panel of global experts give important inputs on how to cover all relevant facets and a concrete way forward.

As we continue to exert efforts in affecting a positive change in the society, I envision a fruitful and high yielding year ahead. And if you wish to support our endeavors, please feel free to get in touch with me, or my team.

Dr. Ranjana Kumari

This Issue's Must reads:

Sports for Empowering Girls in 03 Gender Critical Districts of Haryana 2021

Centre for Social Research has been implementing Phase-3 of the program; “Sports for Empowering Girls in 3 Gender-Critical Districts of Haryana" in collaboration with the GAIL, India, New Delhi.

As part of the initiative the Nutritional Drive was taken up during the last quarter in 3 districts of project implementation till the end of March 2022. 80 girl players in each of the 3 districts were provided with milk and bananas twice a day for 5 days a week in their practice shifts of morning and evening. The nutritional drive was an excellent initiative to build strength, stamina and a zeal to continue playing among the girl players which reflected during the district level competitions. Our Field motivators kept a proper track of girl players who took Nutritional Drive by regular attendance record, photographs of distribution and videos of girl players. The girl players had regularity in practice on ground and made sure to keep their fitness in mind by ensuring to take the nutritional supplements every day.

The team of CSR further organised Parents Meetings in the month of January and February in each district. More than 60 parents joined each district. In this process the parents of the Girls Players were motivated to encourage their girl’s participation in the field of sports and were sensitised about how important is the role of Nutritional intake for sports player. Parents of girl players supported the initiatives taken by CSR for their daughters and promised to support their daughters in all the support activities they want to participate in.

Further Scholarship Events were organised in each district in which 150 girl players were given financial support to encourage them for continuing with regular sports activities. On 25th February in the Govt. Senior Secondary School, Kadipur, Gurugram, CSR distributed scholarships among 50 girl players with the gracious presence of Ms. Anjali Sood (Project Manager, GAIL India) and on 7th March CSR conducted the scholarship event at Shahabad Girls Hockey Academy, Kurukshetra. In the Mahendragarh district, girl players were provided with scholarships during the district level competition. The financial support provided to girls players will boost their self- confidence and make them move towards employability through their active participation in sports.

“Nutrition is the key to a good health of a sports person” (Jyoti, hockey player, Kurukshetra)
We also connected with our District Level Stakeholders in order to garner their support in mobilisation of girl players of each district them in our District Level Competition and ask for their support in the implementation of the programme in 3 districts. In this process the team of CSR including Dr. Manasi Mishra, Ms. Subha Dogra and Mr. Abhishek Sharma met with Ms. Sindhu Bala, District Sports & Youth Affairs Officer Gurugram, Mr. Virender Singh, and Mr. Gurbaj Singh, Senior Hockey Coach, Kurukshetra and Ms. Renu Devi, Principal, SVSSS, Mahendragarh. They appreciated our efforts in the district and promised us to show all necessary support from their end in each district.

“Nutrition is the key to a good health of a sports person” (Jyoti, hockey player, Kurukshetra)
The programme concluded with the District level sports competition (Hockey) along with the distribution Sports equipment to girl players. On 11th March 2022 Centre for Social Research organized District Level Sports Competition at Shahabad Girls’ Hockey Academy with Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Kurukshetra district, Kurukshetra University and Chandigarh University. 56 girl players participated in the Competition. The programme commenced with the competition between team Shahabad (A) and Shahabad (B) followed by team Chandigarh and Kurukshetra. The winner i.e., Shahabad (A) team was applauded by gold medal and certificate whereas team Kurukshetra and team Chandigarh were applauded by silver and bronze medals along with certificates. Motivational speech by our Chief Guest Ms. Harjinder Kaur (International Hockey Player), other dignitaries on the occasion, Depender Walia (Principal) and Sukhwinder Singh (Senior Coach, Hockey) boosted the morale of girl players towards performing well in sports and building their self-confidence in them. Further, the team of CSR honored the participants with the distribution of tracksuit among 100 Girl Players and encouraged them for future sports activities. On 16th March 2022 Centre for Social Research organized District Level Sports Competition (Volleyball) in Swami Vivekananda Senior Secondary School at Mahendragarh. The competition was held between 4 teams from different areas of the district. The event was joined by Mr. Paras Ram (DS&YO, Mahendergarh) Ms. Renu Devi (Principal, SVSSS) and Mr. Naresh (Senior Volleyballl, Coach). On the completion of the Competition, the girl players were boosted by medal and certificate distribution along with sports kits, volleyballs, net and pump.

On 26th March 2022 Centre for Social Research organized District Level Sports Competition (Volleyball) in Govt. Senior secondary school, Kadipur, Gurugram. The competition was held between 6 teams from different district. The event was joined by District Sports Officer Gurugram, Ms. Sindhu Bala Ji and Mr. Rinku Hooda, Deputy Director Sports, Gurugram. Towards the last the girl players were motivated to participate in more such competitions and were greeted by medals and certification distribution along with sports kit, volleyballs and sports shoes.

The programme was a successful achievement for the CSR team to provide confidence building at district level to sports players.

Women’s COVID-19 recovery project: Second Wave Response

Under our Women’s COVID-19 recovery project: Second Wave Response we organised the mental health trainings for the frontline health care workers was gravely impacted due to the pandemic, health care workers reported that they were underpaid and overburdened and the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health. Therefore, our team held 2 sessions in each district to provide psychosocial care to maintain the mental well-being of the frontline healthcare workers. Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Local Psychologist, Shahdara District on 20th Jnauary and Dr. Harleen Kaur, Local Psychologist, West Delhi District on 30th November conducted these sessions for the districts and helped the healthcare workers in resolving their issues. Helpline numbers for psychosocial care were also circulated during these sessions. Some participants were hesitant to pick up their issues in front of everyone. Hence, our team provided the number of the doctor to everyone, just in case they require some consultation. We received immense appreciation from all the participants as there was no strategic intervention by any other civil society organization regarding the mental health issues of the frontline health care workers. Ms. Seema (Asha worker) shared how hectic the condition becomes for women health care workers during their duty at clinics and therefore it becomes difficult for them to maintain a positive mental condition. Ms. Geeta Devi another health care worker appreciated the training and efforts of CSR to bring up such an important issue relate to mental health in the fore-front.

CSR has identified a group of youth mobilisers and volunteers in both the district to provide and manage information regarding access to available health care facilities (testing, medication & isolation guidelines) and other necessary supplies to tackle its spread, treatment options and popularize vaccination drive. We have scheduled meetings with the group of youth mobilizers and volunteers to brief them about their role and responsibilities and answer their queries. Our Youth Champions are reporting weekly to our Field-motivators in each district to give the update of the vaccination drive in each district. Youth Champions are working diligently in the community to create awareness and burst myths that are doing around COVID-19. They have also conducted door-to-door mobilization and awareness meetings.

Women Skill Development Program

The Centre for Social Research celebrated the initiation of its Office Assistant batch under Skill Development Programme on 1st December 2021 with the team of The Asia Foundation who collaborated with CSR under its WSD Division. The programme was joined by more than 70 trainees who were trained under the Office Assistant Training. Our Trainees shared their exuberant experiences and motivated more trainees to join the further batches.  We have successfully trained 1500 trainees in the last 3 years and are regularly enrolling trainees for upcoming batches. Individuals can attain better learning experiences through our online Co-Ed Office Assistant Training Program under the Skill India Initiative. On 15th March 2022 we had our certification ceremony with our trainees. On this occasion, Ms. Nandita Baruah (Country Head, TAF India) and Dr. Ranjana Kumari (Director, CSR) who motivated the students towards educational access and skill development.

The team is providing the trainees access to expert faculty, online learning resources, E-modules and best practices. We understand virtual learning is new therefore we provide assistance to our trainees throughout our weekly training sessions. We encourage everyone to utilize this time productively by learning new skills. We have successfully trained approx 40 girls in 2 batches during this quarter.

CSR understands the importance of Skilling & Up-skilling during the pandemic.

Gender Sensitization and POSH Training Program

On 10th March 2021; CSR team including Dr. Manasi Mishra, Ms Subha Dogra and Mr Abhishek Sharma organised an offline training session on Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (POSH) Act, 2013, in association with Gender Training Institute for the non-academic staff of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIITD). The session marked several points for IIITD officials  i.e., as an official it should be ensured that any sexual harassment either verbal or physical is not melted out to the colleagues, while interacting with women sensitivity must be respected and any crude remark involving women must be avoided. As an employee one must ensure that you behave appropriately with the colleagues and in any kind of sexual violence one must inform the Sexual Harassment Committee at your workplace. A Pre-Testing questionnaire was distributed among the participants and later translated into a statistical analysis. The outcome of the training was enhanced awareness of the law and an open forum discussion on gender equality and sexual harassment.

The team of CSR including Dr.Manasi Mishra and Ms.Subha Dogra with invitation of The Leporsy Mission, conducted the capacity building training with women champions and strengthen their capabilities in how to maintain field level patterns while working at ground zero at Zorba The Buddha Centre, Ghitorni, New Delhi on 31st March 2022.

Crisis intervention Centre

CSR's Crisis Intervention Centre (CIC) in Delhi enables individuals and families experiencing or witnessing violence in their home or elsewhere. We provide free, confidential support services such as mediation, emergency assistance and more. We are the member of 27 internal complaints committee and during the pandemic our CIC has registered approximately 12 cases.

Centre for Social Research is the nodal agency of National commission for Women (NCW) in providing E-counseling to survivors of SGBV. We have an established network of 30 NGOs to exchange information and provide survivors and victims’ a comprehensive range of services (e.g., Protection Officer, hospitals, police stations, shelter homes) also referral links for legal and psychological support.



On 28th March 2022, a webinar was conducted to present the findings and open the discussion series on the target area of “Health & Humanitarian Aid” with our key stake holders. It was discussed that Representation, participation and decision-making at the policy level should go hand-in-hand and not play out in silos. Especially, in the hard power decision areas. Some other issues that came forth are as Representation, participation and decision-making at the policy level should go hand-in-hand and not play out in silos. There is also a need for to translate policy to action, which entails taking an intersectional lens in the Indian context. People who are providing healthcare and people who are accessing healthcare, both have to be seen with a gender focus. What needs to be addressed is that there is a lot of politicization of how health resources have trickled down to the vulnerable sections of the society. In order to ensure gender mainstreaming in foreign policy, there should be a shift from material aid to human resources, wherein the government can build on the soft power aspect of capable, well-trained women workers, particularly health workers. At present, women in India are not projected well enough, thus a scientific and mathematical approach needs to be taken towards identifying core issues and then bring them to a larger discussion. If we are directly looking at the foreign policy and mainstreaming it, is important to add the foreign policy establishment to the discussion.


The Gender, Water, and Climate Change department is concerned with women's empowerment and equality, environmental advocacy, awareness, outreach and sustainability. It attempts to understand a comprehensive view on how women throughout the country, particularly in rural areas, who are mainly responsible for water management in their own families and is negatively impacted by climate change and its subsequent consequences on water supply system. The department's objective is to foster gender equity in order to build up climate change action by taking into account the women's role as instructors, decision-makers, stakeholders, and experts across all levels and sectors, resulting in effective and long-term techniques to tackling climate change. The department has collaborated with Self Help Groups (SHGs), Elected Women Representatives (EWRs), community leaders and members, technicians, local experts, and government officials to solve this specific matter associated with water management in Nepal, Bihar (India), and most particularly across various districts in Rajasthan (India) like Alwar, Abu Road. The main goal was to increase rural women's knowledge and technical abilities so that they can establish themselves as leaders in waterrelated discussions. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic was still prevalent at the start of the year 2022, our fellow employees continued to work diligently.

This year, with a new perspective in sight, we've resumed our engagement with Honda India Foundation (HIF) and proceeded forward with Phase 4 of the project named SHGs for sustainable water resource management and restoration in Alwar.

Gender, Water, and Climate Change (GWCC) Department hosted a Tweet chat on the topic “Escalating Youth Participation in Climate Action” on 18th February 2022, over Twitter, with Ms. Roshan Rathore as a panelist who is apparently working with Raintree Foundation situated in Pune, Maharashtra. During the Tweet chat, we had a good set of enthusiastic participants, and the level of engagement among the attendees, panelist, and even our fellow employees was remarkable.

Our organisation was also invited to participate in and share our insights in a series of Tweet chats, one of which was hosted by Development Alternatives on 23rd February 2022, which focused on “The dynamics of climate change and food security.” On 25th February 2022, the GWCC Department also participated in the National WASH Conclave 2022, a three day virtual conclave, titled “WASH FORWARD: Advancing Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Panchayats.” Hearing from a wide spectrum of national specialists in water quality testing and monitoring, as well as insights from national leaders and advocates, were among the highlights of our learnings from the event. Several foundations, including INRM, UNICEF, Aga Khan Foundation, WaterAid, NIRDPR, Ministry of Jal Shakti, Gram Vikas, and MHAI, were also acknowledged.

On International Women's Day, a #TweetChat was hosed by the department on the topic "Why women should be at the forefront of climate action?", according to the theme by the United Nations, “GENDER EQUALITY TODAY FOR A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW.”

Online Safety and Security


EFFORTS IN Digital Citizenship and Civic Participation for Gender Equality

Gender division in digital spaces is persistent, cyber crime including hacking, stalking, scamming, trolling, and negative online experiences can limit young people’s participation, especially girls and women’s willingness and ability to participate in the online spaces. Many leave the platforms entirely, rather than suffer abuse and/or harassment.


We engage with and educate key stakeholders on safety aspects of the digital platforms. Considering the ever-evolving nature of the internet, governance challenges are bound to emerge frequently. Based on the inputs collated from the consultation and our research towards creating an equitable online safety regime, we reach the policy makers with key recommendations from time to time.

Digital Safety Workshops

Through our training workshops we seek to empower thousands of young women and men in their engagement in the civic dialogue across digital platforms and also influence policy development on issues of gender equality. So far, more than 300 workshops were conducted in the span of one year. National and international experts from Media and CSOs, LEA and individuals working in digital safety have joined hands with us to guide young minds. Selected university students have become a part of the digital safety movement through student ambassador program in order to lead the initiative on ground.

Glimpse from the workshop with Amity University Noida’s Amity Institute of Social Sciences

Through these workshops with youth, CSR India aims to educate them about the online safety and security aspects, how they can use their voices online and encourage interactions with industry mentors to build a strong network.

The Amity Institute of Social Science organised the workshop, with more than 200 participants. Our Mentor Ms Rituparna Chatterjee, a well known journalist, Deputy Asia Editor, The Independent, India Representative, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Media mentor, and a Gender rights campaigner spoke with youth about online harassment, language and positive communication etc. She spoke about the experiences of young people when they come online and how women are forced to leave because of increased cases of online trolling, sexual harassment, and threats. She also encouraged the participants to take necessary steps, use online tools to protect themselves against unwanted content and msgs. The power in connecting with like minded people and influencers who can help with raising their voices against the bullies online.


With the rapid advancements in technology and growing number of digital users we aim to ensure safety of every digital citizen and young people, especially women through awareness and strong policies.



Initiation of Offline Workshops

The team at Centre for Social Research (CSR) in collaboration with Facebook implements the “We Think Digital : Digital Safety and Online Well-Being” training workshops to school students from the age group of 7 years onwards, across the country. The one hour free of cost - online workshops ensure that students learn and understand digital citizenship, the power of positive online engagement, how to identify and combat dangerous situations, digital wellness, importance of consent importance of reaching out; how to spot fake news and understand the damage it can do and many more skills and tools essential to keeping safe and secure. The workshop has been conducted in English, Hindi and multiple regional languages like - Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, and Bengali.
Team CSR conducted an in-person Digital Safety and Online Wellbeing workshop with kids from the organisation Centre for Education and Health Research Organisation CEHRO. It was a pleasure to see the kids offline, with whom we have been interacting online for almost 2 years. The workshop saw a participation of over 100 children of migrant labourers living in resource-poor areas. These children are mostly first generation learners and are exposed to the digital environment. The energy of the students was refreshing, and the students were quite welcoming and enthusiastic during the session.

Continued Efforts to Sensitise School Students, Online

In our efforts to reach out to and support every last child we continued our online workshops for Digital Safety & Online Well-Being. A large number of online workshops were conducted in the last three months itself with schools like JK Public School Jammu, Delhi Public School GBN Noida. We also successfully conducted multiple workshops with the students of Teach for India.

Facebook Live

CSR has 500,000 followers across its social media channels, and to utilise this resource and to enable the benefit of maximum people through online safety sensitisation, the team at CSR deviced our Digital Safety & Online Well-Being curriculum to disseminate training workshops using social media tools like Facebook Live. Through the live sessions, in the last three months itself, we were able to reach more than 2,00,000 accounts.

Launch of Survivor’s Assist Kit on International Women’s Day 2022

Launch of Centre for Social Research India’s Survival Assist Kit. L to R: Shri Sagar Preet Hooda IPS, Special CP Law & Order, Delhi Police; Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Director, CSR India; Shri Amit Roy IPS, DCP Police Technology & Implementation
The Survivor Assist Kit intends to bridge the gap between survivors and support systems by providing an easy to use toolkit at their disposal. The kit will assist you to navigate legal, medical, rehabilitation, mental health, counselling and other systems. It has been drawn with inputs from professionals as well as the survivors themselves, with the aim to acknowledge and overcome the barriers of procedures and policies.

The kit in itself is dynamic and evolving and we are open to any relevant inputs from all. So if you have anything you believe should be a part of the toolkit please feel free to contact us. If you are under distress and do not know what to do, CSR’s skilled counsellors are available to talk to you.

Contact us at Ph. No: +91 011 46131929 E: [email protected]

International Women’s Day 2022

Tarangini celebration on the occasion of International Women’s Day at Delhi Police Headquarters.
Like every year, we celebrated International Women's Day with great enthusiasm. For this year we had a number of activities planned.
  • We launched CSR's Survivor Assist Kit against gender based violence. Our hashtags for this was #TogetherWeRise and #UniteAgainstViolence
  • The UN's theme for this year was “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Our program of Gender, Water & Climate Change aligned perfectly with this year's agenda. So, to amplify our efforts in this area we did a tweetchat on 8th March, 2022 based on this topic on “Why Women Should be at the Forefront of #ClimateAction?”
  • Looking at the grim global situation due to the war and crisis in Ukraine, we hosted a Twitter Spaces Conversation on 11th March on ‘'Women & Children caught between War & Peace’'.
  • The CSR family also planned a photo-video campaign to share quotes, images of our team on, “What Women’s Day Means to You?” The campaign was fun and the team had a myriad of opinions and visions which they expressed with immense candour.

National Social Summit 2022 - The annual Social Festival of IIT Roorkee

CSR India sponsored the Case Study Competition on “Digital Safety of Women: Challenges and Inclusiveness'' during the National Social Summit 2022, the annual Social Festival of IIT Roorkee. The competition received hundreds of entries where youth suggested ways to increase digital safety in India and tackle under-representation of women and girls on the digital platforms.

Safer Internet Day 2022


Drawing Competition: National Level

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, the Centre for Social Research organised a drawing competition for students. CSR works through education and advocacy towards making the digital world more safer, inclusive and compassionate. And what better way to bring to the fore the creative visions of young minds for a better future. We received multiple entries from schools and NGOs working with children across the country. The submissions were phenomenal, to appreciate the efforts we sent across goodies and certificates to the best entries.

Child Rights & You (CRY) and Centre for Social Research (CSR)

On Safer Internet Day, the Centre for Social Research (CSR) in collaboration with Child Rights & You (CRY) conducted an interactive session to discuss how through collective efforts and awareness the internet can be made a safer, kinder and equitable space for everyone. With the module created by team CSR, specifically for this purpose, the session intended to empower children with correct tools and mechanisms to combat any kind of dangerous situation online. The discussion was aimed towards children and primary stakeholders in their lives - parents and teachers.

Parents & Teachers Training Module

Our experts in the field have built a cohesive curriculum for key stakeholders like parents, teachers and education institutions. Since we have been working with school and college children for decades, we have identified a gap in the knowledge and awareness levels of parents, guardians and teachers. With a cohesive curriculum for this demographic we aim to fill that gap. For the curriculum, we have collaborated with mental health experts like Dr. Samir Parikh & Ms. Kamna Chhibber from Fortis Healthcare, educationist/academicians, and Digital Safety & Cyber Security Experts.

Women’s Digital Safety Training Curriculum

CSR has passionately been working on all aspects of women’s safety since its inception. Online spaces have become the new public space, and we are tirelessly working towards making the digital space safer and equitable. In our endeavour to make this a reality, we are looking to shatter the protectionist mindset and sensitise women through training to build an environment of agency to ensure their safety and well-being.

UNCSW66 - Inclusive, Safe and Secure Digital Spaces for Women and Children

The Centre for Social Research (CSR), India, an ECOSOC member, has been working for the empowerment of women and children for the past four decades. CSR is widely considered a think tank for gender policies and laws. We have zealously participated in the UN Women’s CSW for the past 20 years. Moreover, we have also been working in the field of Digital Safety & Online Well-Being for the better part of a decade with an innate focus on women, youth and children.

This year for CSW66, CSR conducted a global dialogue on Inclusive, Safe and Secure Digital Spaces for Women and Children.

The dialogue on 21st March, 2022, saw a global panel. We were honoured by the presence of stalwarts like Ms. Anne Collier, a Digital Safety Advocate, who spoke about considering (y)our responses to youth online risks around the world. She stressed moving from the mindset of control and imposition to agency driven approaches to keep the vulnerable safe; while considering how the new sociology of childhood describes children. While, Ms. Eve Thompson, front runner for women’s right and political activism in Africa addressed how safe digital spaces will ensure increase in political empowerment of women. She gave a holistic view of social media as an effective medium of expression as well as the negative experiences of threats and abuse faced by women online. Prof. Sonia Livingstone, spoke about how girls are more harshly judged when something goes wrong. She spoke about children’s rights and their agency in the digital age. Adding to the discussion of digital platforms, Ms. Shireen Vakil, brought to the fore some of Meta’s policies being driven by safety and inclusivity. She elaborated on Meta’s policies against Child Exploitation, and their current StopNCII initiative to combat all kinds of violence and abuse against women on social media platform(s). The discussion was concluded by our Director, Dr. Ranjana Kumari, with the call for fixing responsibility on social media platforms and governments, building robust and enforceable laws, and strengthening of AI-based technologies for the protection of human rights in the digital realm.

Call It Out Conclave #ItsNotOk

Panellists during the #CallItOut Conclave organised by Network 18 and Truecaller
Dr. Ranjana Kumari, Social Activist and Director, Centre for Social Research emphasised during the Expanding Boundaries of Communication discussion session in the #CallItOut Conclave that women still hesitate to report harassment cases because they are told not to speak up and the minute a woman speaks, she faces tremendous social pressure. It is the responsibility of society to create a support system for women and girls to speak up for themselves. It is crucial that they have adequate support & assurance from their parents and community at large.

Online presence of children has increased for the better part of their day for education and leisure activities, hence parental control over the child’s online activity is ungovernable. Dr. Kumari mentioned that the biggest reason is the lack of understanding among parents about the ever evolving digital platforms. Hence awareness of parents about online education, communication is equally important.

Breaking the Silence on incidents of online and offline harassment, abuse and misconduct and not leaving the digital platforms will lead the way for the younger generation.

She also recognised the global effort from intermediaries to stop posting of non consensual images through initiatives like The platform helps digital citizens take action and stop perpetrators from posting the private images on social media platforms.

The eminent panellists who joined the event included Raveena Tandon, Actor; Atishi, MLA & Political Activist; Chhaya Sharma, Joint Commissioner (EOW & Eastern Range), Delhi Police; Dr. Samir Parikh, Director, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

Digital Safety Roundtable

CSR India is recognized as a pioneer of digital safety initiatives of children, youth and women in the country, for its multiple successful initiatives over the past decade.

Team CSR recently chaired the safety roundtable organised by YUVAAXTINDER and provided inputs on safety, consent and well-being of the users, especially women. Like-minded individuals and organisations deliberated on the safety aspects, shared insights and their experiences.


Social Media For Social Cause

Our Social media team is highly focused on bringing important issues to the forefront through a diverse set of content and campaigns. For instance, we organise regular #TweetChats, #Spaces conversation on issues that matter to the society, and in each of our efforts we try to engage with as many stakeholders as we can.


Campaigns Carried out this Quarter


Campaigns Carried out this Quarter

  1. Women In Sports - #PlayItLikeAGirl
  2. Gender Mainstreaming Of The Foreign Policy in India - #WomenLeadership in #ForiegnPolicy
  3. Climate Care & Climate Action - #CareForClimate
  4. Girl Education Advocacy - #LetHerLearn
  5. Safer Internet Day - #SaferInternetForEveryone
  6. Gender Based Violence - #UniteAgainstViolence #TogetherWeRise


  1. Importance Of #DigitalSafety For Children
  2. Bridging the #Education Divide for #Girls in #India
  3. Escalating #Youth Participation in #ClimateAction
  4. Gender mainstreaming in #India's foreign policy
  5. Why women should be at the forefront of the #ClimateAction?

Gender Matters

Through our gender matter sites we provide a platform for people to deliberate and disseminate their ideas and opinions. The site is popular in relevant circles globally. Some of our latest pieces up on the site are:


If you have an opinion or an idea that you want to share with the world, on feminism, gender, equality, safety or any other relevant topic that can help bring a positive change in the society, we would like you to share it with us and get yourself featured on our site.


We are a research intensive organisation and we plan to collaborate with Online Journals, Publishing Houses, and even other Civil Society Organisations to have thematic “Call for Papers and Articles” pertaining to our research areas of  -  education and children, gender-based violence, climate change, stigma and discrimination and other gendered eco-political issues, etc.

If you are a publishing house, kindly contact us at - [email protected].

CSR in Media


Website Update

  To highlight the important work team CSR has been doing, we have worked to upgrade our website. The updated website is now  live and is not only visually appealing but easier to navigate, user-friendly, faster and more secure. The homepage highlights the current initiatives CSR is working hard on, along with our regular active projects. It helps us increase exposure to CSR, bring awareness to our cause, and helps boost partnerships, among other operations. So click away and let us know what you think!


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