Kamlesh Premi

Kamlesh Premi.

Kamlesh Premi has dedicated the last two decades of her life working towards social justice for underserved communities and gender sensitization among other things. She has been a part of the CSR family for about 20 years. Her work has mostly gravitated around mainstreaming of gender and health issues. She has spent her time working at the grassroots level to support victims of violent abuse (DV) and sexual harassment. At organization level, she has been a part of the management and coordination of crisis intervention programs and various training programs for different governmental and non-governmental agencies. She has dedicated years into developing a connection with those in need and providing them with the resources and knowledge for their fight to justice. She routinely facilitates various research studies, community level groups and support system formation along with networking various GOs and NGOs to and with the communities in need.”

She is a member in the various Sexual Harassment on workplace committees of government and non-government organizations.