Helping Survivors of Violence

Centre for Social Research runs several Crisis Intervention Centres to support victims of violence. Two of our most active centres in Delhi are in Vasant Kunj and Uttam Nagar.

Our centres are approached by women, who are going through significant abuse and struggle in their married life and are seeking redress. On receiving cases of domestic violence and marital discord, we not only counsel the victims but also assist them in the legal procedures for seeking justice.

Number of Cases registered in 2019 at Vasant Kunj and Uttam Nagar were over 100, with around 22 cognitive meeting conducted in different areas. Approximately 500 people were a part of the Community Meetings that were also used for empowering women.

Further the team engaged with gender sensitization trainings and also worked closely with police personnel as well as doctors and medical staff, since they are often the first point of contact for victims of violence.

Many of these survivors have joined us in our centres supporting with our work at grass-root level.

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