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What did Police officers say on completing the training?

Gwalior – The participating police officials told the CSR team that they have started to think about women’s restricted mobility in public spaces, in a completely new light as a result of the training. They were empathizing with the many challenges that women face while accessing public spaces.

Jodhpur – The police officials reported the inherent flaws in gender perceptions that impact women’s mobility, giving men the agency to control how and when women use public spaces.

Bhopal – Upon completion of the training, the participants were able to identify the unsafe areas of their beats. Discussing their own beat areas through gender lens was a different exercise for them and they reported never having looked at public spaces from the perspective of ‘feeling’ and ‘gender usage’. They told the team that they will relook at public space safety of women. The fact that women need to feel safe and also see other women in public spaces in order to feel safe, humbled the male police officers who own public spaces without worrying about safety or violation.

In 2019, as part of a two-year project “Making Cities Safe for Women in India”, CSR addressed Police capacity building, as well as facilitated dialogue with key stakeholders towards building equitable urban spaces for women.

In the Q1 2019, GTI completed gender sensitization training for police officials in Bhopal, Gwalior and Jodhpur. The training focused on urban safety of women and addressed public place violence.

Folowing these training sessions, GTI also released a Police Training manual titled, “Gender Sensitive Policing in Public Spaces”. The manual seeks to institutionalize gender discourse by using the premise of women’s fundamental right to safe public places.

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