Dr. Manasi Mishra

Dr. Manasi Mishra.

Dr. Manasi Mishra is presently the Head of Research & Knowledge Management Division in Centre for Social Research (CSR), India.
She is a known voice against pre-natal sex selection leading to skewed sex-ratio of girls in India and issues surrounding surrogacy. She being a keen social science researcher and an activist has conducted several field-based research studies independently and through institutional affiliations on various socio-economic-cultural issues pertaining to women, children and society at large. She is also a member of State Supervisory Board of Delhi on PC/PNDT and has conducted medical audits as a member of National Inspection & Monitoring Committee (NIMC).

Major Studies Conducted
Sex Selective abortions in Delhi and Haryana’
‘Surrogate Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial’
Gender Dimension of International Migration from India
Policy Convergence for Women Workers in Western UP: A Stock-taking of enabling conditions
Women Managers in India
Evaluation study of the Railway and Platform children in India
Child marriage in three states’


Nav Kiran’ award from Women International Network (WIN)
Yasodhara Pranati’ from Buddhist Society
Samvad’ by Family Welfare, Delhi
50 Most Influential Knowledge Management Professionals” by the Global Education Congress, Mumbai.