CSR Team in the Times of Covid-19

CSR Team in the Times of Covid-19.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease has caused a massive ripple effect across the world. Almost five months into the spread of the infection across the continents, what we have witnessed and should understand that the Coronavirus will change the world permanently. The return of a pandemic after 1918 has rocked the world and has drastically changed our doing-in-the-world. At CSR, we believe this can be a good change if one can reign in the anxiety and the fear and take comfort in being united and form connections with corners that seemed very distant.

Since the Indian lockdown for Coronavirus, the Centre for Social Research is changing its approach to the various programs to shift the delivery of content and resources online. We recognise not everything can become virtual, but in many areas of our outreach, training and mobilisations, we have found useful online tools permitting us to continue our core programs.

In accordance with the directives from the government of India, our team took prompt action and initiated work from home before the official lockdown to ensure a smooth transition. Like everyone, we have utilised video-chatting softwares to not just continue brainstorming and implementing guidelines of how to handle during and post-Covid 19 phases, we also do this because these are anxious times where fear is escalating and we want to remind each other that we’re all in this together. Because all of us have received a shock to our system and have been caught in the middle of a global humanitarian crisis, catching up with each other daily is our small way of taking care of each other and sharing our thoughts, struggles and anxieties with each other.