Gender Training Institute

Established in 1997, the Gender Training Institute (GTI) works to facilitate women’s empowerment and social justice through capacity building and training-related activities. In an effort to mainstream gender in all aspects of development, GTI conducts long term training programs in parallel with stand-alone capacity building trainings, awareness generation programs, and continuous development of new training materials.

GTI believes that training is not an end in itself, but part of a larger process of learning and change. Every one of us is a potential participant in gender training, and we all can benefit by questioning some of our most embedded and fundamental assumptions about the world around us. Grounded in the realities of the existing social fabric, GTI's trainings explore the gendered interactions taking place in broader areas of life such as media and culture, economy and politics. Participants develop leadership skills and the ability to address gender issues in the context of their own lives and that of larger society.

GTI has trained individuals and group organisations from a range of professional sectors, including government officials, educators, law enforcement officials,

international development specialist, corporate agents and non-profit actors. Additionally GTI is also involved extensively with a water conservation project in Rajasthan, which aims to train women elected representatives, to effectively use the environment for their benefits. The Water Conservation Project, in association with Hans Seidel Foundation, has the core belief that gender and environment are inextricably linked and aims to empower women with knowledge of climate change and water management.

Our recent collaborations with ICAI, SPUWAC, police academies and many others show that gender sensitization is the need of the hour in all kinds of contexts- be it the government or private organizations, educational institutions or police academies.

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