• Dr. Ranjana Kumari and Dr. Kiran Bedi Celebrating womanhood at India International Centre, New Delhi
  • Dr. Ranjana Kumari celebrating Girl Child Day with girl child
  • Gender Sensitization Training with women constables of Delhi Police in Special Police Unit for Women and Children
  • Social Surfing Workshop in CSR with Penn State & SRCC


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Research Studies

Surrogacy Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial? Surrogacy Motherhood: Ethical or Commercial?
Delhi & Mumbai [Download PDF]
Surat, Gujrat [Download PDF]

This unique research study provides a nuanced analysis of the motivations, experiences and consequences of surrogacy that is rapidly proliferating in metro cities of India like Delhi and Mumbai. The study focuses on the reasons for the woman‘s decision to become a surrogate mother and for commissioning parents to opt for surrogacy. It provides a retrospective view of the relationship between commissioning parents and surrogate mother before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy, and after the birth.
Women Managers in India Research Study: Women Managers in India (2009) [Download PDF]
with support from Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India

This study examined the so-called “glass ceiling” faced by women managers in contemporary India with the following objectives: conducting situational analyses of managerial positions held by women in a range of sectors, identifying barriers to career growth for women and recommending strategies to overcome these barriers.
Child Marriage Report Research Study: Child Marriage in India: Situational Analysis in Three States (2007) [Download PDF]
with support from the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development

By examining both secondary sources as well as primary data, this study explored attitudes and beliefs regarding child marriage within communities across three Indian states, as well as attitudes and practices of key institutional actors such as police personnel, government departments, community workers and Panchayat members.
Indian Penal Code Section 498A Seminar Report: Indian Penal Code Section 498a: A Tool to Combat Domestic Violence (August 30, 2005) [Download PDF]

The only existing provision of its kind in criminal law, Section 498a of the IPC aims to provide justice to victims of domestic violence while still alive. With the support of USAID and IFES, a one- day seminar in New Delhi marked the release of Centre for Social Research’s landmark Report on IPC Section 498A.


Reign-She-Will Reign She Will
Dr. Ranjana Kumari
Buy online on Flipkart

It is not a book of the movement, coming out as it is at a time when all the rage is Women's Reservation Bill. As a well-reasoned out plea that should make readers, irrespective of their gender, asses for themselves whether their perspective about women and their issues is right or wrong, the book can be of interest for all times to come.
Impact of Globalisation on Women Workers "Gender and Trade: Impact of Globalisation on Women Workers in the Textiles and Food Processing Industries in India" in Trade, Globalisation & Gender-Evidence from South-Asia
Veena Jha

Using the cases of the Indian textile and food processing industries, this study examines how the structure, trade balance and performance of these globalising industries in question influence the employment situation in those sectors. The chapter concludes with recommendations on how the impacts of globalisation can be leveraged for positive changes in women's employment.(UNIFEM and UNCTAD. New Delhi. 2005. ISBN 0-912917-85-7.)
Gender, Work and Power Relations Gender, Work and Power Relations: A Case Study of Haryana
Ranjana Kumari

This book examines the relationship between economic development, social status and the economic condition of women workers within rural households in Haryana. By highlighting the reasons behind the changing nature of work force participation by rural women and resulting social impacts, this case study analyzes transforming social relations and economic conditions while emphasizing the economic empowerment of women. (Har-Anand Publications, New Delhi. 1998. ISBN 81-241-0419-0.)
Women Parliamentarians Women Parliamentarians: A Study in the Indian Context
Ranjana Kumari and Anju Dubey

This book is an in-depth analytical study of women's participation in the political sphere in India, with a special focus on female Parliamentarians and their role in decision-making processes. (South Asia Books. 1994. ISBN: 9788124102176.)
Women in Decision Making Women in Decision Making
Edited by Ranjana Kumari

Focusing on women's participation in policy- and decision-making processes, this volume includes personal experiences at both grassroots and national levels and traces the development and performances of both government and non-governmental organizations. In addition, authors argue for the need to bring to together NGOs, trade unions, activists and academic in order to coordinate efforts as a unified pressure group on policy makers. (Vikas Pub. 1992. ISBN: 9780706959543.)
Women in Politics "Introduction" in Women in Politics: Forms and Processes
Ranjana Kumari

This book analyzes women's participation in Indian politics and examines the obstacles they face, drawing on a range of case studies that arguefor women’s greater role in formal political processes. (Edited by Kamala Sankaran. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, New Delhi. 1992.)
Growing Up in Rural India Growing Up in Rural India: Problems and Needs of Adolescent Girls
Ranjana Kumari, Renuka Singh and Anju Dubey

By analysing the conditions in which adolescent girls grow up in contemporary rural India, this study concludes that young girls still remain uninformed on issues such as child birth, child care, family planning and health care. Through a detailed examination as to how discrimination and denial of opportunities affects the physical, intellectual and psychological development of girls, policy recommendations are offered. (Radiant Publishers, New Delhi. 1990. ISBN 81-7027-130-4.)
Women-Headed Households in Rural India Women-Headed Households in Rural India
Ranjana Kumari

This book discusses the importance of studying the nature, processes, causes and consequences of female-headed households, relying upon a case study in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, with the highest rate of female-headed households in India. (Radiant Publishers, New Delhi. 1989. ISBN 81-7027-129-0.)
Higher Education and Scheduled Tribe Youth Higher Education and Scheduled Tribe Youth: A Case Study of Chattisgarh
Ranjana Kumari and S. Radhakrishnan

In examining the impact of education on the economic condition of scheduled tribe youth, this case study of Chattisgarh, India explores the self-perception of tribal people, as well as their views regarding their place in society. The impact of education on the economic and social mobility of tribal students is analysed, as are the issues raised with regard to integration through education. (Radiant Publishers, New Delhi. 1989. ISBN 81-7027-117-7.)
Widows, Abandoned and Destitute Women in India Widows, Abandoned and Destitute Women in India
Edited by Pramila Dandavate, Ranjana Kumari and Jamila Verghese

A collection of nine essays by renowned experts, the edited volume focuses on the socio-economic, religious and cultural contexts that result in abandoned and destitute women and further stigmatize widows in India. This book examines the status of these women in a historical context while providing contemporary case studies as evidence. (Radiant Publishers, New Delhi. 1989. ISBN 81-7027-139-8.)
Impact of Education on Scheduled Caste Youth in India Impact of Education on Scheduled Caste Youth in India: A Study of Social Transformation in Bihar and Madhhya Pradesh
Ranjana Kumari and S. Radhakrishnan

This book identifies and analyses the barriers to the integration of scheduled caste youth into "mainstream" Indian society by examining the social, psychological and structural barriers these youth face. The impact of education, focusing on Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, is evaluated, and recommendations on how modern education can promote greater upward mobility of scheduled caste youth are included. (Radiant Publishers, New Delhi. 1989. ISBN 8170271185.)
Dowry Victims in India Brides are Not for Burning: Dowry Victims in India
Ranjana Kumari

Tracing the history of the dowry system in India in its evolution from a voluntary gift at marriage to a commercial expectation, this revolutionary book examines the socio-economic backgrounds of dowry victims in Delhi and the forms of harassment and violence they face. Policy recommendations are given in an effort to raise national awareness of the dowry system and its dangers today. (Stosius Inc./Advent Books Division. 1988. ISBN: 9788170271192.)