Gender, Water and Climate Change

Gender, Water and Climate Change.

We continue to work towards increasing women’s participation and capacities in water conservation and climate change action. We have expanded our initiatives in other water-scarce parts of India, namely Alwar, and presently work with Self-Help Group women in Kali-Khol village of Alwar to increase their understanding of water conservation methods and enhance their technical know-how to undertake and oversee the construction of sustainable water management systems. Under this program, twenty SHG women will be effectively trained to install/repair water conservation and environmental resources as identified by them in the initial stages of the program. This includes (but not limited to) rain water harvesting sources, restoration of existing water resources, maintenance of check dams or revamping aanganwadicentres. At present, these SHG women have collaborated together to facilitate the site work for the construction of a local check dam, which has been dried off since 30 years now. This cadre of women technical leaders is getting supplementary training on sustainable construction, restoration and management of water resources which will potentially be useful for a water-scant region like Alwar, which is now focusing on establishing perennial water sources.